Speck’s new Pocket VR is the most portable Google Cardboard headset yet


  • I think it will end being the same situation as the Carl Zeiss VR ONE unit. The resolution on the iPhone 6S is too low compared to the other phones on the market when it comes to these inexpensive VR products. You compare 1440 x 2560 of Samsung’s S6 vs 750 x 1334 for Apple’s iPhone 6S and you can see why people would get more nauseated with the latter.

    I found that the Gear VR (S6) had a better resolution than the first OR (dev kit) and caused me less nausea/headaches. I couldn’t imagine using a much lower resolution or I would be instant yakville. The training methods people prescribe do work as I’m up to 20 minutes now with the Gear VR (5 minute jumps up every day).

    • Jeremy Deats

      Agree. There is a science to viewing distance and screen resolution that Apple can talk up all they want, but when it comes to implementing cardboard VR, that extra resolution really has an impact.