Google Play Store’s holiday sale has started


  • rd0t

    Any games in here worth buying anyone?

    • Steve

      if you like teltale games and/or minecraft :Minecraft: Story Mode: is pretty awesome

      and Monument Valley is a cool puzzle game

      these are the 2 i bought it will obviously vary with your own opinion

    • Patrick Cuyegkeng

      Lara Croft GO is a good puzzler.

      The War of Mine is more expensive, but is very highly rated on every platform it has been on. That’s what I’m likely to buy (and Minecraft: Story Mode since episode 1 is only $0.14).

  • Mike Amigo

    They’re cheap enough to try for yourself. Besides, everyone’s tastes are different. You could be missing out on a game you would enjoy just because someone else said it sucked.

  • Steve

    I used my google play rewards credits to get a bunch of these games for free

  • JD Watson

    Only games? Will they be offering deals on productivity/other apps?

  • fruvous

    Pffft. Nothing free 🙁