Apple Music launches beta Android app, offers three-month trial to new users


  • craig0r

    Boooo, not showing up in the Play Store in Canada….

    • craig0r

      Oh disregard that. It didn’t show up when I searched for it, but when I clicked the “Move to iOS” app and then clicked “Apple Inc,” the Apple Music app was there.

    • Royce MacRae

      you are correct found it there as well

  • gadgetmon

    I wonder if it is possible to use your family membership on Android when you already have access to it on itunes on your Mac? If not, I would think people who have it already on their Mac won’t be interested to sign up again.

    • Yes, it is available if you already have a Family subscription. The only limitation is signing up through the Android app.

    • Vito R.

      Of course.

    • Samuel G. Croteau

      Yup, it works. That’s how I’m subscribed to the Android app 🙂

  • Mark Loney

    But will it be any better than Google Music…I prefer GM than to any other service…

    • Vito R.

      I liked Google Music but I preferred Spotify. I only kept Google Music because I was getting it on a discount for being an early adopter. I’ve since cancelled it and give with an Apple Music family plan.

    • Onemonthmember

      Once YouTube Red shows up in Canada, Google Play Music will be an even better deal than it is today. Ad-free YouTube and offline playback is free for anyone who already pays for Google Music.

    • neo905

      Agree 100%. Vito is giving up $7.99 for both Google Music AND YouTube Red in the future for a Apple Music family plan Google Music is getting down the road for the same price AND YouTube Red? No thanks.

    • Vito R.

      I cancelled Google Music before they announced YouTube Red (dumb name, good service). Currently not launched here and still no family plan. I don’t use YouTube enough to worry about the ads – besides I can re-signup for Google Music whenever I want with 3 months (or is it 6?) free because I bought a Nexus.

      Not only that, but my car has Siri support so I can just tell it what song to play (“play songs from the 90’s”, “play kids playlist”) it’s very convenient and worth giving up the $2mo discount – for me anyway 😉

    • neo905

      It is not just ads though. There will be premium content and regular content that won’t be available on the standard version of YouTube.

      Google Music has improved since I got it. It isn’t perfect but I can’t see myself cancelling that $7.99 I have. Too much value.

      I tried Apple Music. I didn’t really like it. It seems a bit disjointed and those floating circle suggestions are annoying and float off the screen. I like swiping to the next track and it won’t let you. Not a very polished interface but it should improve over time. They make it very difficult to cancel the auto renew. I had to install iTunes, which I hate, much of the reason I left IOS in the first place and having to deal with iTunes and installing it again made me recognize that past frustration. I needed to restart the program three times because it kept freezing. What a bloated pig it still is.

      Anyway, since you have Siri in the car this way work out better for you in the long run. I listen to music in my car all the day long but I use OK Google to select music and have my phone connected to my car via bluetooth.

    • Vito R.

      I actually prefer Spotify to both but I kept Google Music because of the price. The family plan and car integration pushes me towards Apple Music but they are all good enough.

    • Longtin

      Ad-Free Youtube already exists (Get an extension call “ad blocker” if you use google chrome); don’t you miss the old days before Youtube even displayed ads? haha

  • WhoCares1000

    Perfect timing for Apple to boost the Apple Music subscriber numbers again.
    iOS users are done with the first three months can create another account for another three months on Android devices.

    • Vito R.

      Apple is generally pretty legit about their numbers or they just don’t say. They brake down their Apple Music users between paid and non-paid.

    • Mindmeld

      It was mentioned somewhere that the real paid sub base will be after 4th month as free subscribers forget to cancel and end up paying at least one month of the paid service. Would be interesting to see what the base would be but, of course, I don’t think Apple will say anything until the next Q call.

    • Vito R.

      Yeah, that totally makes sense. I’m really curious as to how much of a boost they get with Android.

  • Vito R.

    It actually seems like a pretty decent app so far…

  • PatcheZ

    lol, apple music app looks almost like a themed google music app.
    Both apps look and work very similarly.
    Can’t say no to 3 months free.

  • neo905

    Installed it. Tried it. Hated it. I prefer flipping through songs with a swipe as opposed to pushing the small next song button. The Songza inspired radio stations I like way better. I don’t really like the interface at all. Not that Google Music is great. I like Spotify interface the most but it is a serious battery hog on my phone and I don’t like their radio stations either.

    It was a pain in the a** to cancel the auto renew. They really make you jump through hoops. I had to install iTunes on my desktop. It constantly kept freezing and I couldn’t get to the manage subscriptions page until I restarted iTunes a few times. It reminded why I hate iTunes so much in the first place. lol. iTunes uninstalled. Apple Music Uninstalled. Back to Google Music.

    • Vito R.

      Haha. So much drama and so untrue! You can cancel right from the app. It took me two seconds to find it after I read your post.

      In the slide out menu, just tap your name at the top and it takes you to your account options. From there it’s pretty straight forward:

      Manage Membership->Subscription->Automatic Renewal toggle.

      It’s a 5 second process 🙂

    • neo905

      Are you cancelling from an IOS device or an Android device?

    • Vito R.

      Android. Try it yourself.

    • neo905

      Ok. Now I see it. I was trying to access it under settings before.

    • Vito R.

      Yeah, there’s only a little arrow to indicate there are more options – it could definitely be made a more obvious.

      I’ve always found it pretty easy to cancel or return any Apple service or product. It’s something they’re generally pretty good about.

    • neo905

      In Google Music under settings there is a Cancel subscription. That would be the most transparent. Returning/exchanging Apple products is great. IOS software/services removal could be more transparent though. There was that SMS fiasco where I couldn’t get my text messages on android. They eventually addressed that though.

    • Longtin

      That’s just another person getting mad because they don’t know what they are doing and trying to point fingers at everyone else. It’s a lot less stressful if you take the time to learn and understand how the app / service works before blatantly making up things and getting mad and uninstalling it. It’s your fault because you didn’t use it properly. It’s like getting into a car and pushing the brake pedal and expecting to accelerate. Now who’s fault is that?

  • Jonah Emery

    Have been waiting for this.