Game streaming platform Twitch launches new creative initiative

Twitch Creative

Until now, Twitch has been focused solely on video game live streaming, but with the launch of YouTube Gaming, as well as smaller players entering the live streaming space, it appears the service is looking to differentiate itself through a new initiative dubbed Twitch Creative.

According to a recent press release, the idea behind Twitch Creative is to highlight broadcaster content not related to gaming. For example, artists, musicians and even game developers, interested in sharing their creative process live on the internet, can now easily stream to thousands of viewers via Twitch’s new Creative channel.

To celebrate the launch of the channel, the service plans to broadcast all 403 episodes of the Bob Ross hosted TV series, The Joy of Painting. Episodes will air from October 29 to November 6 on twitch.tv/bobross.

Bob Ross

Yes, that Bob Ross is coming to Twitch. “No mistakes, only happy accidents.”

Twitch Creative has a directory that’s separate from the rest of the platform, Moreover, its user interface carousel is focused specifically on creative content.

Similar to that standard gaming area of Twitch, broadcasters are able to add hashtags to their broadcast titles, which makes them easier for viewers to find. Adobe is set to be the official launch partner for Twitch Creative’s platform.

Twitch draws an audience of more than 100 million viewers per month.