Audi, BMW and Daimler are set to buy Here from Nokia: report


  • Karl Dagenais

    Makes sense, but not for 2.7 billions… Not in a world where people will use android auto and carplay more and more in the coming years

    • It’s Me

      Something to be said for owning your own destiny, as far as core services go.

      Many of the car companies have been hinting or implying that while they will support 3rd party systems like iOS and android, they are afraid of them canabalizing their add on sales and core services. I can imagine them making 3rd party support an expensive addon and their own services and free or cheaper options.

  • stevedion

    They should focus their $$$ & R&D on proper iOS and Android integration and stick to making cars. No way they will make their money back. People will always use their smartphone (contact integration, Social updates etc) instead of stale maps and out of date POI!

    • Brad C

      Depends on what type of navigation device.
      I have a Garmin nuvi GPS for our vehicle. It gets map and POI updates every quarter. Interestingly enough, those maps are provided mainly by HERE.
      I can also tether my smartphone via bluetooth to the Garmin device for live updates.

  • Anon-e-mouse

    No more free maps 🙁

  • Do Do

    Google could kill this simply by allowing “real” offline capabilities with their maps app I believe. That is, simply allow people to download ie. Ontario for offline use. The way it is now it’s a complete pain.