CRTC to announce wholesale wireless decision on May 5th

Canada’s regulatory body, the CRTC, will announce next week its long-awaited decision from a hearing on wholesale wireless held last year.

After a two-hour media “lock-up” next Tuesday, the tribunal will announce its decision, at 4pm ET. It is expected that the body will begin requiring larger telcos like Rogers, Telus and Bell to put an upper limit on what they can charge for outside access to their networks. To date, third-party leasing of wireless networks, often referred to as MVNO access, has not been regulated, whereas broadband internet access has.

Companies like Wind Mobile and Videotron have publicly said that they are waiting for a decision from the CRTC in regards to wholesale wireless before offering more expansive national service, as neither company owns the infrastructure necessary to operate a truly national network.

In a late 2013 decision, Industry Canada limited the amount that telcos could charge one another for data services to what they charge their own customers.