Sony shutting down PlayStation Mobile this summer

Sony has announced plans to shut down its PlayStation Mobile service in July. In addition, PlayStation Mobile for Android will shut down in September. Last August, the company announced that it would not guarantee service for Android users running 4.4.3 or higher. Come September, PSM content will no longer be available for download.

Sony said this week that PlayStation Mobile, otherwise known as PSM, will cease distribution of content on July 15th. Similar to PSM for Android, in-app purchases and re-downloads of purchased content will not be possible beyond September 10th.

Gamers will still be able to play purchased games after September 10th provided they have activated PlayStation Mobile before the cut off date and have downloaded all of the games they want to keep.

Sony offered no reason for the shutdown, though it’s no secret the company has been struggling in the mobile sector for a while and PSM never quite became the booming gaming platform that Sony envisioned.