Google seeking early adopter companies to test Inbox for Google Apps users


Last week, Google exec Sundar Pichai confirmed that Inbox would soon be available for Google Apps customers. Just a few days later, Google has taken to its official Google for Work blog to talk a bit more about Inbox by Gmail and the app’s place in the office.

Alex Dawley, Director of Product Management for Gmail, says Google Apps customers’ desire for Inbox has been one of the “biggest pieces of feedback” since the product’s launch. Now, the company is looking for more input on how Inbox will work for Apps users. It plans to do this by inviting a small number of ‘early adopter companies’ to help test Inbox.

Dawley says early adopter companies should be willing to use Inbox as their primary email at work and have employees that are heavy mobile users. The hope is that this test group of companies will shed more light on how Inbox will be used in the workplace and the challenges and needs of the business user.

Inbox is still very much in the testing phase. Five months after launch, it’s still invitation-only for personal users, nevermind business users, and much of the initial hype has died down. That could change with the arrival of Inbox for Google Apps users, though. The app focuses on organization and categorization of email, with the “status” of messages sorting them into “done,” “pinned,” or “snoozed” piles. It’s a productivity tool that seemed tailor-made for the office from day one.

No word on when Google Apps users can expect a general release of Inbox for Gmail but we’ll keep you posted.