New Samsung Galaxy S6 teaser says the “borders will disappear” and “metals will flow”

If there’s one thing that Samsung’s marketing team does incredibly well, it’s the ability to unload a plethora of teasers for upcoming products. The sneak peak for the Next Galaxy — which is rumoured to be the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge — have taken to YouTube, Twitter and Instagram and the teasing continues today.

“Tomorrow, metals will flow.”
“Beauty will be powerful.”
“Borders will disappear.”
“The reflections will be free.”
“Colours will live.”
“The future will be the present.”

The above lines appear in its latest 45-second video on YouTube. Samsung is surely hinting at an upcoming device that’s made of metal and comes with a curved hi-res display.

The unveiling will happen at the Mobile World Congress on March 1st.