Google adds site-specific content carousels to mobile search results

If you’re a Google user, you’re no doubt familiar with the little carousel of related images that pops up when you search for a particular place or thing. Similarly, you’ve probably seen the ‘News’ box pop up when you search for a timely topic.

Today, Google is combining the two for a new carousel that will appear in mobile search results. If you’re searching for a particular news source or topic, the search results will include a carousel of content that includes photos, articles and videos, from a particular source. For example, searching ‘Greece’ brings up content from The Guardian newspaper. Similarly, searching for a content source specifically, like NPR, and the carousel will display all of NPR’s latest content.

This update is rolling out on mobile today though not every one of your favourite sites will be featured in the carousel just yet. Google says it’s working to add support for more news sources soon.