Hands-on with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 LED Flip Case

Samsung had a lot of cool stuff to show at its CES booth this year, but one smaller piece of tech caught our eye: the Galaxy Note 4 LED Flip Case.

Unlike HTC’s Dot View Case, Samsung actually embeds low-power LEDs within the case itself, not relying on the screen to generate light through small holes. This results in a higher-resolution, cleaner and more versatile design while keeping the case itself relatively thin. And since the case replaces the Note 4’s current back cover with its own faux-leather version, the phone’s total extra bulk is modest.


When the cover is closed, users will see things like the current time, incoming messages, battery level, music volume, the number of missed calls or unread emails, and more.


Opening the cover turns on the screen automatically, and closing it turns it off. Inside the jacket is also a slot for a credit card or a number of business cards.