Ottawa Airport launches FlyCanada app, brings ability to check flight status and reserve your parking spot

The Ottawa International Airport Authority has released an app that aims to be “your airport concierge.” The FlyCanada app is available on iOS and Android and is quite insightful and robust.

Calling it a concierge might be a stretch, but it gives you the power to view arriving and departing flights, gate information, and add a your flights to the “MyFlights” tab to receive push notifications with updates or changes to flights.

The app also lists several transportation options (taxi, bus, limo, car rentals), and also has the ability to reserve your parking spot online. Another bonus, for those who want to get lost in the underground searching for their vehicle, the FlyCanada app will send you a reminder with your specific parking details to help remember where you parked. The app also shows terminal maps, restaurant and retail store directory, and important airport contact numbers.

The Airport Authority states that “the app will continue to evolve in the months to come, with new features and enhancements,” but there is no indication that the FlyCanada app will arrive on BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

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