Here’s someone using Apple Pay at Tim Hortons [video]

Apple Pay

Apple Pay doesn’t work in Canada; that’s what we’ve been telling you from the beginning.

But the infrastructure is in place around the country, with NFC-supported touchless terminals installed in many coffee shops and quick-service restaurants. The only thing missing from the equation is support from the banks.

To prove this point, an iPhoneinCanada reader posted a video of himself using Apple Pay, connected to a US credit card, at Tim Hortons and Subway, both places equipped with touchless payment terminals.

It’s an interesting diversion from a frustrating reality: Canada, as a country, is likely more equipped to handle the influx of NFC-based mobile payments than the US, but since Apple has a vested interest in pushing Apple Pay in a country largely that still requires its credit card holders to swipe-and-sign, Canada is unlikely to be a priority.

Until then, we can still use some phones to pay at some stores with some banks’ credit cards.