OnePlus opening pre-orders next week

The OnePlus One is great smartphone that most people can’t buy.

The OnePlus One offers one of the best compromises between price and performance, and next week the company will finally open pre-orders to everyone.

At 8am PT / 11am ET on Monday, October 27th, the OnePlus One will go up for sale for one hour, and the company is offering its JBL-branded E1+ earphones for $25 USD with each sale, along with discounts on other accessories.

According to OnePlus, the invites system won’t entirely disappear, but pre-orders will be opened in bulk periodically. Prices for the phone, which has been available on and off since April, are not set to change from $299 for the 16GB version and $349 for the 64GB model.

In typical OnePlus fashion, customers can “prepare” for the pre-order deluge by preemptively filling out their orders through the OnePlus portal. That way, when pre-orders go live, all they have to do is press the order button.