Pushbullet’s Channels allows users to push alerts to subscribers

Pushbullet this week announced a brand new feature called Channels that allows users to subscribe to automatic updates from their favourite websites, companies, or people. Think of Channels like an RSS feed. You subscribe, and as soon as something new becomes available, Pushbullet sends an alert to your devices to let you know about it.

The creation of Channels isn’t just limited to the influential or popular. Anyone can create a channel, and sharing that Channel with others is as easy as embedding a subscribe button or even just sharing the link.

Current Channels include XKCD, Top Gear, Humble Bundle, Apple, Dow Jones, Pushbullet itself, and Steam (all Channels are listed here). However, given how easy it is to create a Channel, this tool could be used by literally anyone, from teachers to amateur sports leagues, to push out updates to all interested parties.

Channels is a little different to Pushbullet’s regular gig. The company launched last year and aims to bridge the gap between smartphone and computer by showing smartphone notifications on your computer and allowing you to send files and links from your computer to your phone at the touch of a button.

Speaking via the company’s official blog, CEO Ryan Oldenburg said Channels stemmed from the realization that Pushbullet had the technology necessary to alert users only once (no matter how many devices they have) about things you care about as they happen as they happen. It’s actively looking for people to create useful channels. Click here for more about how you can contribute.

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