Don’t let your kids play with the Top Charts section in the iOS App Store

iOS 8 App Store kids category

Ruh Roh, Scooby.

Apple added age-appropriate categories to the App Store in iOS 7 in an attempt to make it easier for parents to find great apps for their kids, or at least something harmless to distract them on the car ride home. Unfortunately, a bug introduced into iOS 8 has flooded the Top Charts section of the Kids category with applications from the All Categories section. That means little Tommy and Sally are currently a quick button press away from Zoosk’s dating app, a couple casino games, and – lord forbid – Five Nights at Freddy’s, a survival horror game.

Apple is aware of the issue, which seems to be affecting only iOS 8 devices in Canada, the U.S., and Germany. Until the company releases a fix, some parental supervision may be required.