BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983 specs and images leak, reveals custom QWERTY keyboard


  • Fat Kid Tears

    Wow, crap specs to boot, this has me sold!!

  • barrist

    never been a fan of these Porsche designs, rather have the “lower class” versions for $1500 less.

  • marorun1982

    2k price tag for underpowered phone? no thanks.

  • Sam Wiggans

    I like the front of that phone, if it was a normal price with slightly better specs, I would totally pick it up, haha.

  • Ramin

    8MP camera… I just got my Samsung 5 with 16 MP camera… On which planet they are living?

    • Dr. J

      One where the people buying this phone care much less about specs and much more about the rarity of it

    • Dimitri

      Whats a Samsung 5?. There is no Samsung 5. I think you mean Samsung Galaxy S5…

      Either way OMG 16MP camera on the device vs 8MP. Give me a break. If you understand that logic on this you would have known that Porsche has the contract that the design of the phone and internals match what they want. Blackberry just is the producer if u can call it that.

      The people that buy this don’t care about specs. They care more about the design and look of it.

    • Ali F.

      On the planet where people are willing to buy a porsche car even though speed limit is 100. And they pay millions.

    • Remember this is not a new phone its just a redesign of a Q10 by Porsche Design

  • JB

    These specs are only great if iphone uses them, and dan bader is reviewing it lol.

    This phone does look gorgeous tho.

  • nekkidtruth

    I’m sorry but, this is ugly as sin. (I know, I know. In my own opinion)

  • I love BlackBerry but I have never liked the Porsche Designs ever. I think they are either love them or hate them. Personal opinion of course,all this is is a Q10 with Porsche Design so the specs will be the same a Q10