Wind Mobile celebrates back-to-school season with new Wind 35 plan

Update: WIND Mobile has extended its back-to-school promotion to have an end date of September 30th. The details are the same as below – IH

Back-to-school season might mean textbooks, homework, and early mornings, but it also means awesome deals. As the youth of Canada shop for everything from cell phones to laptop bags, retailers cut their prices in an effort to capitalize on students in need of supplies. Not one to get left behind, Wind Mobile is launching its own back-to-school Wind 35 plan.

According to a leaked internal document obtained by MobileSyrup, Wind Mobile will soon launch a new plan for Pay Before and Pay After customers. This $35 plan will offer Pay Before customers unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited texting, unlimited picture messaging to US/Canada, unlimited data, and 15¢/min calls to the United States.

Pay After customers will get unlimited Canada-wide calls, unlimited Canada/US texting and picture messaging, unlimited data, 5¢/min calls to the United States, and 25¢/message on international texting.

This new plan is compatible with existing add-ons and will launch on August 21, the same date Wind’s new US and Canada roaming rates come into effect.
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