Roam Mobility announces support for premium SMS for all texting plans

Roam mobility today announced that it will support the ability to send and receive premium SMS messages. In case you’re not away, premium SMS messages are those that come into play when you want to vote in contests, receive promotional materials, take part in surveys or receive alerts.

Most notable for travellers will be Uber. The smartphone-based taxi-hailing application requires you to verify your number before you can use the service. Now, if you’re in the United States and using Roam mobility, you can receive those messages for free, without any additional fee from Roam. Premium texts are included in all Roam Mobility plans that come with texting.

The news follows the company’s announcement that it would soon offer customers access to MMS messaging and both developments are part of Roam’s This massive push for the roll-out of its 4G LTE network. On July 2, Roam said it would spend the next few weeks prepping the SIMs on its network for 4G LTE upgrade and promised customers an email once the option to update all of the SIM cards in their account was available. The MVNO also promised international long distance, the ability to choose any area code for your Roam number, and number porting for existing US numbers.