Poll: Half of GTHA transit users would ‘likely’ use smartphone to pay


  • Tarzyx Blacks

    How to pay by smartphone?

  • Buzz88

    I guess none of them are iPhone users because they don’t have NFC.

    • MikeOxlong

      You do realize, you don’t need NFC for mobile payment terminals right?

    • MikeOxlong

      I think you need glasses, or help with that dyslexia. Perhaps you should reread that article.

    • Jane McEntegart

      Presto Card is RFID though, right?

    • Alessandro

      nfc because everytime i put it up against my nexus 4 it beeps like its a nfc tag

    • Stephen_81

      I believe they are RFID not NFC, but your NFC is picking it up as a tag.

    • Stephen_81

      NFC has a maximum range of 20cm so I am sure those PrestoCards are RFID, and since they do not require 2 way communication it makes sense to use the cheaper wider range RFID

  • Detroit Velvet Smooth

    I’d love to use my NFC ability on my HTC One (M7) for this.

  • Matt Welke

    How did they know I take transit at least once per month when they called me? 0.0 creepy xD

    • JTon

      I believe GO Transit is a division of Metrolinx. So if you used GO transit and paid with plastic, all they have to do is look a their sales records

  • Rio

    Toronto needs to first pick up the pace and actually implement Presto at all their stations/trams >.>

    • lemonnnnz

      This so much this. Before they get into any smartphone/tablet/etc equipment, they need to work on having a basic presto at every line and station. It’s just gross how far back toronto is lagging compared to other GTAH cities.

    • Croc Ography

      I personally cannot stand the implementation of Presto, I hope something else is designed really quick to replace it.

    • Rio

      What do you not like? I think it is great.

      I have my card set to auto reload and never have to worry about ever having change for public transit. Just have to check once in awhile to make sure there are no random charges.

      The card sits in the back of my wallet and works through it so it never even comes out.

    • johentie

      i agree… but the fact that it takes 24hrs for it load up is a pain!! what if you forget to load it up ? you should be able to do it online in 2 seconds!

    • Anaron

      24 hours gives them enough time to process the payment. Someone can load up a card with a stolen credit card and travel a long distance before they realize what happened.

      Then again, it could just be a technical limitation.

  • Many99

    I would do this in a heartbeat, or even better instead of using a phone use your smart watch all you have do is get on the transit system, the transit will send a pay here tab on smartwatch, you tab on your smartwatch for payment.

  • Tpickles

    Ottawa has implemented Presto pretty well here, its on every single bus along with all o-train stations. I have only had one little hiccup since I started using it.

    • Anaron

      What happened?

    • Tpickles

      Loaded up my card an hour before travelling and didn’t have enough money not realizing it took 24 hours at the time to load a balance luckily the bus driver understood and let me on anyways

  • leDerp

    Presto is a godsend. Now using my phone would be great…but having to turn on NFC all the time … not so sure about it (my nfc is kept off unless needed)

    • Alessandro

      it doesnt waste battery and isnt really a security issue so i dont see why not?

  • Ace

    I already use my phone to tap on Presto. I have the Presto card wedged between my phone and the rubber case. I’ve also seen a video on YT that shows how to dissolve your Presto card in acetone and just tuck the RFID antenna/chip between your battery and backing (assuming removable battery) or if you open your iPhone.

  • jxjan

    A system like “presto” should have been implemented across the entire GTA alot sooner. An example of how this system can be further improved: In cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya you can use the same “presto” like card to not only use public transit but also make purchases at stores, vending machines, etc… Presto is a good start, although to slow!

  • johentie

    There are apps out there you can tap your PRESTO Card to your NFC antenna and it’ll tell you your balance… so it does work!

    i would ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that i wouldn’t have to carrying around my stupid PRESTO card anymore… There are times i have switched laptop bags and forgot my presto card at home..

    but my phone i never leave without!

    I went to KOREA 5 years ago and they have NFC phone accessories for their transit system.. u buy it from a vending machine and you just place it on the scanner and pay whatever you want and your tag gets loaded instantly… but then again they’ve had reception in their transit system since cell phones existed!

  • Anaron

    Cool. Union station has a PRESTO electronic fare device. A card will come in handy if I want to visit Hamilton.

    Although I’d prefer to use an RFID card over my smartphone, I think the option of doing so is great.