Samsung exec says the Galaxy S5 ‘is selling faster than the S4’


  • MXH070

    That was the same statement Sammy said about the S4 over the S3 then 3 weeks later came the news that Sammy was cutting production of the S4 by 30% due to low demand.

    Pretty sure this will be the case again since the last few quarters Sammy sales have been dropping lower than the previous in this market. Guessing that saturation point has been reached for the S series or customers are moving from Sammy or choosing not to upgrade.

    • It’s Me

      Big question is are they still counting shipped as sold…

      Two very different metrics that they seem to use interchangeably.

    • cartfan88

      Maybe people are waiting for the iphone 6… Which macrumors is suggesting the iphone 6 may be $100 more than previous and that’s in the US. They gotta be betting on a blockbuster over there if they are pushing for a price increase like that.

      Also isn’t this a bit of a short time frame to assess how well the S5 is selling?

  • Harold Mitchell

    Love the sales double speak..”though it’s difficult to share specific numbers”,…” sales should be much better…”

  • mahoganyheart

    Market saturation plays a good part of the sales of smartphone. The S2 is still a decent phone, the S3 still one of the good one out there, the S4 is just too much of the same thing. They need to think harder and come up with something new or that gives more meaningful reason to spend our hard earn money.

    • ThatPhoneGuy

      This ^

      Nobody wants to spend $200+ on a phone that looks and feels the same. I upgraded from an older device to the S5 yesterday and it definitely feels like an upgrade. I think Sammy needs to look at how many of the previous generations have sold and then really look at the probability that people won’t really want to upgrade right away. There are so many S3 still on the market, it made perfect sense that the S4 never sold as well as they thought it would.

    • Walter

      To your point. I considered getting my wife a S5. But when look at the fact that the S3 does everything my wife needs it to, there is just no point to upgrading.

    • Tinman777

      I had an S3 and couldn’t stand how often it would lag and crash. The S5 is a much better device. I’ve haven’t had a problem since I’ve had it.

    • Walter

      Maybe. But the wife isn’t a power user. She concedes that her S3 is superior to her iphone and until the S3 starts to fail she is content.

  • MC

    I don’t believe that

  • WatDah

    Can’t believe anything they say regarding sales anymore. Not after last week when Samsung is caught lying and misleading investors with falsified sale numbers.