Latest Apple rumour suggests we’ll see iTunes app for Android


  • cnnrduncan

    No thanks.

    • gab_gagnon

      Why? Competion is ALWAYS good.

    • PT

      iTunes? What’s competition? LOL!
      This a fart app and everyone knew it.

    • gab_gagnon

      The iTunes Store is the #1 music store. Sorry to hurt your feelings

    • PT

      I felt the same way ….. sad case.

    • Eluder

      I personally hate iTunes as it’s a bloated piece of crap on Windows, but this would be good because there are so many people out there that have no clue how to get music other than through iTunes, but would rather be using an Android phone.

    • hyperhyper

      I have NEVER heard anyone saying that iTunes is an intuitive, useful and well designed piece of software. It continues to be a blight on Apple’s design team (along with the Apple 5c colours – what were they thinking?) iTunes is one of the main reasons why I left iOS. Terrible, terrible UI and method for making people buy overpriced music. The only thing iTunes has going for it is selection but I’ve been able to find what I’m looking for at other vendors.

    • alamarco

      I think you mean “so many people out there that have no access to music other than through iTunes”. The list of countries that have access to Google Music or Amazon MP3’s is small.

      I would wager most people know of alternatives to iTunes, it’s just that they can’t access them.

  • Rich

    Probably a smart idea in terms of music. iTunes radio is great as well.

    Then again, most Android users pirate all their stuff…

    • Dimitri

      You mean most of the world pirate their stuff. I know many people which own other devices then Android & pirate their movies / music. You can easily go on a website thats called Youtube Downloader & put the Youtbe link into the page, you can download it for any file type including MP3.

      I know iPhone users which do the same. So why the hate on Android?

    • Michael

      You might be too young to remember “feature phones”… Android phones are the new feature phones and usually cost next to nothing. That is why billions are sold and thrown away.

    • Josh Brown

      That is the stupidest comment I have read on this board. Do you actually believe that?

    • Lyndon Boychuk

      Did you just crawl out from underneath a rock or something dude? Lol. Android is dominating and apple knows this. To compare Android to feature phones of yesteryears feature phones is like calling the iphone the most versatile and interesting phone on the market today – wrong lol.

    • Dimitri

      To young? I have been on this site for about 5 years. That isn’t to young. lol. ( 24 years old by the way).

      So really i do not understand your comment what so ever. You might want to troll somewhere else tho.

    • Eve H

      Wow. So you don’t know that it costs more for Samsung to build the S4 than for apple to make the iPhone 5s? Get your facts straight.

  • gab_gagnon

    Great news! As iTunes is the biggest music and Google Music not even in Canada, I’d love to see Apple’s collection on Android! And it’s not like they never launched something on a competing platform! iTunes is on Windows since forever!

    • wes

      The question I have is how iTunes is fully available to Canadians and why Google music and media isn’t ?

    • alamarco


      Apple has paid the licensing fees, which are higher in Canada. Google has not. I don’t know why Google hasn’t and it could be for multiple reasons.

    • wes

      Google isn’t there to make money and it shows… They don’t really sell much of their products?

    • TonyC

      The reality of iTunes on Windows was one of necessity. At the time, their iPods needed it, and up to just a while ago so did their iPhones & iPads did too. Unless they were willing to ignore approx. 90% of the computer market out there, they had no choice but to write a Windows version.

      Can you imagine going to buy an iPod in 2001 and be told you need to buy a $2000+ computer just to use it. If they had stuck with just an OSx version, the iPod would have been a flop.

      As for an Android version of iTunes. As much as they might not relish the idea, it’s another necessary evil to tap yet another revenue stream, as well as a way to help fight off the other streaming services.

  • Sweet

    I’m surprised Apple hasn’t gone after the audiophile crowd by offering higher bitrates. I’ve been seeing more and more sites offering 320Kbps and higher, and those sites have been growing, indicating there’s an increasing demand for higher bitrates. I’m aware of the Loudness Race, which can obviate the need for higher bitrates, but it doesn’t apply to all music, and the trend is moving away from the Loudness Race.

    • southerndinner

      Their fan base probably just assumes the quality given to them is the best quality available. Sort of how like retina hasn’t been class leading for years but their fans seem to think their displays are even among the best in phones and tablets.

    • alamarco

      Most people can’t tell the difference. That’s why the term audiophile exists. Audiophiles can tell the difference between the quality. For most people, iTunes music is a perfect bitrate.

      It has nothing to do with a fan base assuming it’s the best. You have to realize that most people aren’t highly technical.

    • southerndinner

      Oh I realize it. Truthfully I’m one of the majority in that I can barely tell the difference between lossless and the probably mediocre quality than Apple gives its music purchasers.

      Being aware of it is half the battle

  • philnolan3d


  • jonnny

    i bet the end goal is for apple to start an android app store and then bully/bribe app makers into releasing their apps only on itunes, taking away most profits from android. personally, i despise itunes, and would never use it, even if it was not an apple product.

  • Buzz88

    Yeah, that’ll work… or not. This would be an admission that android is kicking their a*s and I can’t imagine any self respecting android user actually installing it

    • alamarco

      How is this an admission of Android kicking their a*s? It’s all about the bottom line and if Apple can increase their profits by making iTunes available on Android it would not be smart of them to ignore that.

      Any self respecting Android user would give iTunes a chance. A self respecting Android user isn’t a fanboy who automatically craps on anything Apple.

      I assume you don’t care, but I’m guessing you don’t realize that not all countries have access to Google Music. If iTunes were made available users from these countries would jump at it. Apple already has licenses in more countries than Google so releasing the app would be all they need.

    • Buzz88

      So, in summary, you have no self respect… you’re right, I don’t care.

    • FunkyMonkey

      too bad down votes don’t show up anymore, you probably have lots for your ignorance

    • Buzz88

      It’s your lucky day, they still let möröns comment.

    • alamarco

      Yeah, I don’t get why they don’t show up anymore. Either show both or show none. I’m impartial to either, but I’m a fan of consistency.

  • L Joel

    would not be interested in this if my damn Google music would let me buy music

  • Lyndon Boychuk

    Believe it when I see it…although I can’t say I’m surprised if it does in fact happen. It would definitely be a smart move on apple’s behalf.

  • KiwiBri

    ironically I’m starting to move away from the Apple Ecosystem..
    Hello Surface Pro, Hello Dell Venue 8, Hello Android phone (not sure whats going to replace my HTC one yet – HTC one 2014, Sony Z2, LG G3? , Hello Chromecast..)

    • Rich

      Surprisingly, I’m trying to do the opposite — get away from Google.
      Hard to beat the value of proposition of their phones, but they’re kind of starting to have a sleazy privacy invasion vibe that Facebook has.

    • hyperhyper

      Welcome to the brave new world!

    • Sweet

      Same here. I got a Z10 last year, and I’ve been buying my music from Qobuz, which offers lossless formats. I’m now looking for an alternative for video. I’ll probably go back to physical disks, rip them, and then sell or give away the disks. I should check if that’s legal these days. 🙂

  • Kinro

    Why would I want this hunk of junk application on my phone? I don’t even use it on my PC. Quicktime is the most atrocious music/video playing service I have ever used.

    • Jones

      Who is talking about QuickTime? ITunes does a good job of organizing music and allowing editing of the file details.

    • Kinro

      You need to install Quicktime on your computer to use iTunes.

    • Dak

      ……no you don’t

    • WatDah

      I laughed so hard at this!! Excellent example of pure hate base on assumptions and personal issues.

  • alamarco

    I would love this.

    Let’s face it, with the exception of possibly the US, the iTunes Store owns the Play Store.

    First, movies that come digital always have an iTunes version. While newer movies have Ultra Violet as well, older movies did not. Ultra Violet outside the US is a fun ride, so being able to access the movies from iTunes on Android would be a blast.

    Second, music. I’m not sure what other countries besides the US have access to music, but in Canada we don’t. Guess who does? iTunes.

    The facts are, Google is highly focused on the US and Apple has a much more worldwide focus. I’m not blaming Google, and I understand Google. However, that means as a Canadian I would welcome iTunes on Android in a heartbeat.

    Adding iTunes to Android is a Canadian dream.

  • Rawrrr

    That’ll be nice, movies and music!

  • formulaphone

    As a fairly recent Android adopter and former iPhone user, I can only see this as a good thing. A native music store was one of the drawbacks for me when moving to Android. As I’ve been using iTunes for a number of years, having it available on my G2 would be quite welcomed.

    And I’m surprised by the negative feedback on this. As always, if you’re not a fan of something, vote with your wallet. I’m all for bringing some competition into this space, and if anything this might give Google the kick in the pants that it needs to bring Google Music to Canada.

    • hyperhyper

      I agree with you that Google Music needs to come to Canada.

      I think people are upset because iTunes is a such a mess of a product but for Canadians it will be one of the few choices that can be used for those who are not very tech savvy. The US does have quite a choice compared to us.

  • cartfan88

    iTunes on android…office on ios…this is crazy talk. It’s blowing my mind.

    • Dimitri

      Office on IOS has been going for talks for a few years now. iTunes on Android just started recently. BBM for all OS’s came out so i suppose Apple wants to do some kinda thing with iTunes. Mind you i would not be surprised if they got iMessenger for Android & Blackberry.

  • Rich

    Thanks for deleting my comments as it made this the last time I use this site (You can delete this too).

  • Snap and Edit

    If there is any truth to the rumour, Apple must have been presented with an incredibly sizable offer to even consider doing so.

  • WatDah

    Am I the only one thinking iTunes is actually really easy to use and organized since some time ago? Maybe I’m just used to it, but drag, drop, and press a button to sync is not that hard for me. I mean, sure, it has its days when it was pretty lame, buggy on Windows, and resource hungry, but it has come a long way since. I’m curious to those that keeps saying iTunes’ a mess, when was the last time you actually used it?

    • Tom

      The iTunes requirement is the #1 reason why I went with Android when I got my first smartphone. I consider myself competent with iOS (owned 2 ipod touches, jailbroke both), but iTunes made me rage all the time.

      Why? It prevents me from using an iOS device as a glorified flash drive. I want to plug my device into any computer running any desktop OS, and drag and drop any files (not just music and video) between the computer and the device. And no, the cloud is not an adequate substitute.

      There was one time when I stored all my music on my iPod touch, then I bought a new laptop, wiped the old one, and gave the old one away. I plugged the iPod into my new laptop, thinking I could just pull my music off. I was wrong – iTunes refused to let me copy the music onto my new laptop. I could not even transfer new music from my laptop to the iPod, because the “sync” feature would cause the iPod’s existing music library to get wiped in the process (and then replaced with the new music). Not cool at all.

      As for iTunes as a desktop music player – I have no real complaints about that functionality, but I don’t find it to have any advantages over other software.

    • fiandz

      agreed, having to sync through itunes is the #1 reason i never got an iphone.

    • Tom

      Exactly… the lack of a USB storage mode is the #1 reason I refuse to buy an iOS device. It’s such a simple feature that even my dumbphone from 2007 has. I remember Microsoft tried to imitate iTunes with the similarly restrictive Zune requirement on Windows Phone 7. Guess what Windows Phone 8 ended up having?

    • Sweet

      I’m happy with the usability of iTunes, I agree it’s very easy, but not with the bitrates of their music.

  • gommer strike

    This can’t be.

    Android and iOS are fundamentally different in how it interacts with the hardware. Unless there some form of iOS virtualization layer(which would run slow as molasses on any but the very highest Android hardware), I can’t see this happening.

    • Tom

      I don’t think this has anything to do with using iTunes for syncing (which is already possible, btw, if you mount your Android as a USB storage device).

      If iTunes comes to Android it’s just another music/video store, delivering formats that Android has been able to play for years.

    • Kaostheory

      ITunes works on my antique Windows desktop, not sure what you’re saying.

  • Kaostheory

    Doesn’t make sense, non iTunes users won’t switch to a more locked down system, where’s the gain? Only gives Apple users one more reason in a long list of many to switch.

  • fiandz

    i already have itunes on my droid, no wait… its piratebay. oops. i wish google would get their act together and quit giving canadians the shaft on google music though. it would be sad if we had to resort to itunes radio.

  • Dan Hirsch

    This would be a dream come true for me. After I lost my iPhone I’ve been without iTunes. All I own is a tablet now so I don’t have any of the music I paid for on iTunes. Would over to get it back

  • hardy83

    Well if it does, my GF will be happy.
    She had an Iphone for years before we went to Wind for cheaper plans, and obviously she ended up getting an Android since Wind didn’t sell Iphones.

    She has a huge library of music for it and still uses it on her desktop and macbook.
    So an easy way to get it on her Android would be nice.

    Also more competition is always good.

    • Scott

      mentioned somewhere in here but I think that DoubleTwist allows for syncing of iTunes library to Android devices.

  • Henry Huynh

    Like DRM’d music is going to fly with Android users…

    Personally I can’t support iTunes, DRM’d files is the main issue. And honestly if the music industry want to curb piracy they would offer non DRM’d lossless files at a low price, none of this iTunes rubbish.

    • Scott

      I thought that iTunes went DRM free many years ago?

  • VGA Fred

    I would definitely install iTunes on my Nexus and use it to purchase music. Given that Canadians have NO other legal options, it would be nice to finally have the opportunity to hear a song on the radio/TV/whatever, enjoy it, and purchase it on the spot. If I wait until I’m back at my PC it will rarely happen. Of course, if Google Music gets its act together and becomes available in Canada, iTunes will be the first thing to go!

  • Garrett Cooper

    I’d be happy with this. I use Itunes as my music player at home, and one of the few things I liked about having an iPhone was plugging in and it would just sync keeping ALL my playlists. Since I’ve switched to Android years ago I used DoubleTwist (essentially Itunes for Android and copies all your playlists and syncs the same way) but it doesn’t work on modern devices. It seems most music apps require a purchase to read your playlists even if you put your music into folders, which is frustrating. I’d happily welcome an iTunes app on my Nexus 5 if it worked the same way as iOS.

  • 6500G00N

    Why can’t Google give Canadians Play Music so we have an alternative to iTunes to purchase digital music? I don’t have any Apple products and I refuse to use iTunes. For now I’ll stick with buying CD’s and ripping to mp3.