Galaxy Note 3 update to KitKat now available to download


  • Lion5

    Great. I hope there are no problems. Looking forward to improved battery (if true) and speed.

    • Striker67

      And restricted use of the SD card?

    • Jim Thibault

      I will see how bad it is and if I need to I will root and edit the required file to get full access back. Even if rooting means Knox = 1

    • kevy

      I just updated mine and SD card problem is not present.

    • Lion5

      Cool. I was waiting to see if it affects users here before I update. I have received mixed results but those are all from US users.

    • kevy

      I’ve since changed my stance on this…only apps pre-update will transfer to the SD card. I suspect they won’t update though. The camera can still save to SD card.

    • Mike Saleh

      People for some reason left out the fact that samsung has the My files app which is a system app. You can edit move rename any file in the sd card with that app as well as edit pictures. Your not completely out or using the sd card. I juss updated and can still do what i needed b4.

    • Lion5

      How about photo editing using 3rd party apps such as Picsay Pro? If I move my documents folder internal, will I be able to access the files using all of my different office apps?

    • watkins

      You cannot edit files on your SD or write to SD. You can edit on internal memory and then transfer said files over to your SD card with the my files app. Extra unnecessary steps but at least we have a work around.

    • Lion5

      I may just bite the bullet.. worried about video editing though…

    • Mike Saleh

      You can with system apps! All the apps that came preloaded on the phone are system apps. Those can mange both internal and external storage as well as writing to and reading the storages as well.

    • watkins

      That is currently the only work around for non rooted users. Better then nothing though so I can’t complain.

  • Raj Singh

    woohoo!! Confirmed Rogers is working

  • Syed Ahmed

    Wind Working 🙂

  • kevy

    Downloading from Bell now via wifi. I hope it works since my GS2 required Kies for the updates (would download via wifi but install fail). I’ll post back for my Note 3. I’m kinda choked if the SD card problem is not soon addressed in a non-root method.

    • Harold Mitchell

      Receiving update on Bell as well via wifi.

    • kevy

      It was a slow download…took around 30min for 400+ Mb. Slow. It is now installing thankfully without Kies.

    • kevy

      Update successful. Pre-update I moved all apps from SD card to device storage just in case. Post update, I was able to move apps to the SD card!

    • kevy

      Seems that only apps that were on the SD card pre-update were able to be transferred back…new installs are not able to be transferred and any update to those other apps will fail. Kinda sucks cuz some games are kind of large.

  • Valkari


  • djino

    Thanks! Currently downloading here on WIND MOBILE

  • ryan

    And eastlink

  • Guest

    and videotron!

  • hjahha

    videotron working!!

  • 204Guy

    Downloading on Telus!

    Downloading took a while, really slow. Install is pretty quick in my opinion.

    Edit: Hangouts won’t work on my note 3 has default. Any solutions?

  • CdnChris

    Install complete! I think I’m just happy for the default application switch for messaging. It was always annoying to see the default SMS app showing notifications on reboot when I had already switched to hangouts. Battery life will be interesting to watch.

    • GQDRU

      I agree with you 100% on the SMS issue. Drives me nuts.

    • CdnChris

      I uninstalled Lux and BatteryGuru, recharging to 100% and we shall see how the battery life is stock

    • Eluder

      Battery life on this phone is already phenomenal w/o any 3rd party apps, so if it gets better I’d be surprised.

    • CdnChris

      I’ve been a little disappointed so I’m hoping it gets better. The G2 does much, much better. I’ve yet to hit 5h of screen time on the Note 3.

    • Eluder

      IPS uses less power than Amoled, so that’s part of the reason why the G2 has such stellar battery life. Plus it’s a smaller screen (5.2 vs 5.7), but the battery isn’t that much smaller than the Note’s (3000 vs 3300)

    • southerndinner

      Odd because most people I’ve sold either or both to have said the Note 3 is better for battery. To be fair, it wasn’t by much.

    • Lion5

      I’ve had 6 hours screen time on my Note 3 several times. I consider myself a heavy user. Work, music, study, business. It’s practically attached to my hand. Haha

    • Salinger

      Agreed. I’ve often gotten almost two full days of moderate use out of a single charge. Love this phone!


    Downloading on Telus via WiFi but it’s very slow

  • Avgvstvs

    Awesome. Downloading now.- thanks MS for letting me know it’s there!

  • Iz3man

    Anyone else noticing poor home button problems.

    I have to press it twice sometimes to register.

    • southerndinner

      Disable S Voice, should help

  • cmariotti

    Problem: Upgraded using Rogers… downloaded it overnight and just ran the update in the morning. Won’t accept input… so I can’t even unlock my phone

    • cmariotti

      I hooked up a mouse, so I could unlock it. The “update successful” button showed, I clicked it… seemed everything was working. So I was able to do a restart and it is working as expected… but something definitely buggy with the update to be locked out like that (no reaction to screen touches at all… even after unlock screen).

  • Ali

    Anyone know if they fixed the issue with 3rd party cases? Do they work??

  • norsem4n

    Amazing! I’ve been waiting for this!

  • Mr. Miyagi

    What’s new with this update?

    • kevy

      After the download the “install” screen lists some of the changes. A bit vague really – you’d have to look online for a list of the changes. I did notice one change that annyoyed me – 0n 4.2 the auto screen brightness had the ability to set “auto +/-” which I liked…now on 4.4.2 you can have “manual” or just plain “auto”. I really liked the “auto -4″…

    • Nestea80

      I agree. I also miss the ability to adjust the amount of auto brightness.

  • Blushi Kool

    how abt in asia 🙁 some tell me?

  • nody

    I got it already really early today and looks good so far.

  • Raphael Del Castillo

    Okay so I heard auto call recorder stops working in 4.4. Is it true? If so I will not download as I need the app to run properly

    • Wilson Lee

      True. No more call recorder on kitkat

  • Lion5

    Can anyone tell me if they are experiencing the SD card problems mentioned on various sites? I don’t want to install my update if it is going to give me less functionality.

    • crocop24

      Yes. This issue will not go away if you download KitKat. Google did this on purpose.

    • Lion5

      Why am I hearing conflicting accounts? Some said they have no problems and others say they do. Everyone who mentioned it are American if that makes a difference. Nobody here has posted anything good or bad.

    • ShotEm

      People reporting no problem with their micro sd card are unsophisticated users who do not understand the sd card issue. They copy an app or file with the system to the sd card and think everything is fine.

      The issue is that now 3rd party apps such as ES File Explorer, Downloaders, photo editing apps, movie editing apps, back up

      apps or any other app that writes files can no longer write to the sd card unless it is in a sandbox. This means that whatever app put the file on the sd card is the only app that can ever write to it, change it or rename it. This is a huge problem for experienced users who actually use a few differ apps to access
      the same file and want be able to move and change files or content. For instance you can no longer create a file in Office Suite Pro and then edit it in PDF Utility if it is onthe sd card.

      You cannot even change the name with those
      apps. Also due to another implementation screw up if you uninstall Office Suite Pro every file you ever created with that app that resides on the sd card is wiped out permanently. Yeah, nice one eh?

      It is present in all versions of KITKAT and has not been noticed
      on the Nexus because the Nexus does not have a micro sd card slot. This is a huge issue that is not going away anytime soon. It is also not a mistake, it has been done on purpose.

      The only way around is to root the phone and change permission in one of the system files. This will trip KNOX and void your warranty instantly. Instructions are on line.

      Android 4.3 had several way of rooting without tripping KNOX, one of which was Kingo. However due to new security in KitKat, no one is able at this point to root a Galaxy Note 3 running KitKat without tripping KNOX.

      To find out more on all this I recommend you do a real google search on kitkat SD card problems.

      I can also confirm that on one of our test phones (Note 3 on
      Wind) the issue is there in its full glory.

    • Lion5

      This is terrible. It would definitely limit my use of the device. Thanks for the heads up. Been searching all day I heard nothing from any Canadian users. Only Americans. I won’t be missing much by not updating. I’d rather keep my file access for the way I work. Thanks again.

    • kevy

      Sadly I now agree. Apps that were on the SD card pre-update were able to be transferred back to the SD card but not new installs.

  • Kaero

    Awesome, I’ll have to update mine when I get off work tonight! Anyone have any problems with rooting after the update?

  • Michael

    Can’t update, I’m getting the message: “Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available”.

  • skoupo

    I upgraded last night.. and to be honest I don’t find it as smooth .

    Seems a little laggy on swipes.

  • Saeed Khan

    Got updated to 4.4.2 without any issues as of now. Working fine and fast, smooth.

    • Lion5

      How about SD card access?

  • baklboyd

    I’m sure these are useful updates in some ways but the ugly touch wiz interface remains mostly unchanged and is beginning to look really dated. I know there are numerous ways to change this but for someone who likes to keep things simple and stock it would be nice to see a bit more innovation from Samsung on this front. The music player for example just looks cheap and lazily developed.

    • Nik

      Can’t you download a music player of your choice to replace it? I’m still exploring my new Note 3, and i’ll admit… coming over from a Stock Andriod Galaxy Nexus… Touchwiz is a little tacky, but the Stylus functionality and intuitive air gesture features (some of them not all…) make it worth sticking to. And things like music players and extension apps, can just be replaced with 3rd party alternatives can they not?

    • highpower andrews

      I have Rooted note 3 with beanstalk rom and it kicks the pants off touchwiz! Has great multi window tasking and I have Note buddy and Papyrus as s note replacement.. It’s AWESOME. Note Buddy allows for auto launch of apps and actions when pen is removed and Papyrus is better than S Note because you can import PDF files and sign them or Mark on them and export it.

  • 204Guy

    Hangouts as default won’t work. It freezes up my stock messaging and I have to restart.

  • Mark

    Is it ok to install this update on my Note 3 that I bought from Bell and unlocked to use on Fido? Will it erase anything? I remember my phone restoring to install Fido apps instead of Bell apps after I unlocked the phone.

  • Tony Burke

    Wifi won’t turn on after update, restored factory settings, it still won’t turn on.

  • Ian

    My first upgrade couldn’t use s view case but new upgrade sorted it all good now

  • Raphael Del Castillo

    I enjoy Samsung phones. I find it more reliable than the competitors. Though, that is my own opinion.

  • Ken

    Goodbye SD Card….Hello having to pay for Google Cloud (or at least that is what they want you to do).

    You know….They asked if you wanted it easy or safe? Well, I’ll take easy every time.

    Sometimes you can safe your way out of business….Good Luck Google

  • Jean Robert

    Please anyone can help me. After download kitkat Monday night, I see jelly bean still present. No change. I go to setting- general – default application I don’t see the kitkat. When I go to about device. I see 4.4.2, but no change. Please can you help me.

  • katt

    This update has caused nothing but problems for me. My screen will stay black after pressing the lock screen button to turn it on. my screen stayed black during an incoming phone call and when i pressed the lock button to turn it on it just rejected the call. The clock on lock screen doesnt update realtime, i have to press it multipletimes and turn the lock screen on and off before it updates.

    Im really not impressed.