Leaked Sense 6.0 video reveals All New HTC One will support gestures when the display is off


  • southerndinner

    Sounds gimmicky at best.

    • Anaron

      I strongly disagree. These are features that I see myself using regularly. Double tap to wake up, for example, would be very useful for me.

    • PG Man

      Agree, the new additions are certainly something I would really use except blinkrap feeder everyone is doing now, it should have been volume UP not frikin down too for the cam. These features were in a Samsung for a while, similar at least, but HTC did the right thing to balls out more features, as they have been stripping things down so much because of a lot of discouragement from I dunno, those who don’t like visuals and more options, I really miss the htc windshield wiper when it rains. The way Android is headed design wise, I only hope Sense keeps dominating it, it’s damn modern and sexy, yet it blends with the droid so well I can definitely say it enhances it !

    • T Town

      Don’t worry PG Man. The article says holding down the volume button, not holding the volume down button. I imagine the volume up or down would launch the camera, maybe even take the photo. We will know for sure in a 8 days.

  • Scotiaman1

    Gimmicky sells ie Samsung Galaxy line

    • southerndinner

      I don’t disagree but it’s hilarious how white knighted HTC will be for it by the same people who ignorantly think S Beam is the same thing as Android Beam.

  • Nauman.Choudhry

    Swiping up from the bottom will unlock the phone… hmm where have i seen that before. BB10 uses the same gesture for unlocking.

    • Anaron

      Are gestures like that patented? If so, it seems unfair. The idea that something like a gesture for unlocking a device shouldn’t be limited to just one company. It should be a standard feature for most smartphones running Android, iOS, WP, and BBOS.

    • Hungrier

      So does Zune HD. Does that mean anything?

  • No

    So this won’t be a feature for the current htc one even if it gets sense update?

    • casey

      this is likely due to how the processor handles always on features, that the s600 didn’t have.

  • Granny is ALIVE!!!!

    Beats audio is NOT on the M8- this is Sense 6.0 running on the original One, which has Beats.

  • Chris

    sounds useful to me. i look forward to these enhancements on my HTC One (2013)

  • KiwiBri

    watching the video on GSM Arena , I saw a FM Radio app installed.. so there could be hope the FM Radio could still be onboard for the New HTC One..

  • Buzz88

    Ripping off BlackBerry 10… it’ll be interesting to see if there’s a lawsuit here. Funny how reviewers always say BB10 is not as good as iOS and Android but then they rip off some of the key features of the OS.

  • T Town

    All looks good with the exception of the NFC logo in the notification bar. Please remove this HTC. I can’t think of one person who wants this.