Google to make Chromecast available in ‘many more countries’ in a few weeks


  • annsonn

    hopefully this means that google music gets launched in Canada offically as well

    • Josh Brown

      I hear yeah. Sucks that they blocked Canadian accounts from being set up even with VPN.

    • Todd Moore

      I have mine working….with VPN and without.

    • Abdella Ali

      Me too, but my google music account has been setup since it’s launch, since then it’s gotten progressively more difficult getting an account, even using a VPN. At this point it’s too difficult to get my girlfriend an account (without making her a new google account) so we’ve just been waiting.

    • DKvanB

      If you’ve purchased something using your google wallet account, its not possible to get a google music account. If you haven’t, your okay for now.

    • Deddyman

      TunnelBear is a free program that worked great for me to get access to Google Music. Delete the program after you sign up if you don’t want to keep it.

    • Josh Brown

      Yeah I have it working too. But tio set up new accounts for my friends google seems to block VPN now.

  • dj_pasquale

    its about time! I got one in plattsburgh a few months ago and theres nothing special about the chromecast unfortunately

    • Josh Brown

      I love it. I can control it from my lock screen even. No more media center and mouse and keyboard

    • rockman29

      Completely agree.

      It really isn’t anything special.

      The price and utility is great, but the experience is not so amazing.

      Bought mine for $30 while in NJ.

      There are much, much higher quality experiences for streaming video from services like Youtube and Netflix, some of which most people probably already have in their house. Net-enabled BD players, game consoles, etc.

      I have a PS4, and the Netflix experience on the PS4 is several times better than Chromecast. The browser is far better and faster. HTML5 Youtube support. I can connect a keyboard or use it remotely with the controller pad. Launching Netflix or another video service is faster and so is jumping between programs, shows, and games.

      The BD player I’ve bought for my parents is not as good as the PS4, but it is a better media hub that a Chromecast is.

      There are just so many other products with an infinitely better user experience that feels “next generation” of web technology. Chromecast is not one of those. It feels cheap after using it for a bit. There is also no support for streaming the Chrome browser to the TV.

      A Chromecast is a good product for someone who doesn’t have another device to stream video content to their TV. Otherwise, it’s not so great.

      The Chromecast I bought for my parents, they can take it around with the Nexus 7 tablet I also got them when they want to travel and watch something.

      It is a satisfactory, but not great or even good, as a primary media center though.

    • mastjaso

      Yeah, I don’t get where you’r coming from here. It’s $35, obviously it’s not going to be as powerful as your PS3 (and consequently slightly slower to load a video). But do any of those other devices allow you to launch the respective apps from your phone? Because as far as I’m aware you’d have to open the Youtube/Netflix app on the PS3 first, which is super inconvenient. I’m not really sure what you’re talking about with streaming the chrome browser, I do it all the time and use it to watch the daily show on the daily. The latest chrome beta also provides a cast button for any HTML5 web video player, so it’s about to get even more versatile.

      I couldn’t be happier with the device, I actually ended up buying two more, hooked them up to old monitors and now I can push my music or videos to any room in the house for ~ $100 total. One roku would’ve cost me close to that. Combine it with a plex server and it’s probably my favourite gadget purchased in the last several years.

      I really think you’re being unfairly critical, I don’t see what issues you have with it as the primary media center device, my only complaint is that if the connecting device disconnects from wifi and reconnects it may require disconnecting from the chromecast and relaunching. Considering that more and more bugs have been fixed with updates, I’m willing to bet it’ll disappear soon.

      And the big bonus over virtually every other media center, is the ease in adding chromecast support for developers. Good luck getting new apps / updates for your smart blu ray player in 2 years.

    • rockman29

      You describe not seeing where I’m coming from… then argue from a standpoint which does. Which makes no sense.

      I’ll just make it short: if you want an average and passable home media experience that simply works, Chromecast is fine for that.

      For those who want a better media experience, you need a different box.

      A PlayStation or BluRay player get firmware updates more often than any Google device does, welcome to the world of other devices…

      If you want a cheapened media experience and don’t care about the extras or the overall experience, Chromecast is fine. That’s why it’s $35.

      If someone wants something that works well everyday and offers a better user experience, there are other great products out there.

      Advertising that it’s cheap doesn’t help your argument. You get what you pay for.

      Seeing as we’re on a website about mobile devices, I won’t be surprised if you or a million others reply to this crying foul to the end of times how mobile devices are all intrinsically superior to everything else someone could be using.

      Fun fact: the most popular device for Netflix and home media streaming is guess what… a PlayStation console. Not a Chromecast.


    CC needs more app support – then it will be sweet. i hope VLC supports CC. they also need to fix casting from browser

    • Josh Brown

      It is probably your computer that sucks, because it works perfect on mine. And there are tons of apps for it. If there is not an app than use avia or all cast or bubble upnp.

    • djino

      Exactly. They recently opened it up so that people can create apps for it. But I’ve been using it with AVIA to cast my local/dropbox content. Along with Hulu Plus and Netflix. I love it, the best $35 I’ve spent in a long time.

    • Josh Brown

      How does Hulu + work? I want try it. Does it work in Canada on Chromecast?

    • Todd Moore

      Try 5by its a video app from the guys from stumbleupon

    • mastjaso

      Start running Plex, it’s the greatest thing ever, I subscribed to plexpass just to support them, easily worth $3/ month.

  • Scott

    I wonder if this is a response to Roku’s HDMI stick that was announced recently?

  • wes

    picked mine up yesterday! friend brought it back from the states for me! YAY!!!!

    • djino

      Yeah, I got mine just before Christmas. Ordered it from Amazon and had it mailed to my Brother in Chicago, who in turn came up to Canada for the holidays and gave it to me.

  • deltatux

    I’ve been wanting to get one, hoping Google will else release it in Canada soon

    • Chris

      I got one for $60 and free shipping to Toronto, ON from Amazon. I guess with this news it’s pointless, but even for $60 it’s totally worth it if you’d actually make use of it.

  • Vineet Sharma

    Australia and UK?? Seriously?? Google please “Google Search”, Canada is right across the border

    • Vineet Sharma

      Well in that case they should not have launched the Nexus series in Canada as its easy for Canadians to go across the border to get one according to you! Could have saved thousands of trees by not printing French documents.

  • outburst

    Too late. Most of the early adopters have made alternate arrangements.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Why now? GOOGLE Take it easy bec we know you care a bit less about us Canadians, wait another few months and just launch Chromecast 2 or we will be happy with Roku Stick launching jn April. And it will be readily available at Best Buy throughout Canada