New HTC One M8 video confirms microSD slot in quick hands-on


  • d094

    I can’t seem to get past the black bezel and on screen buttons. If keeping the bezel it might as well have cap. buttons and extra screen space? A camera shootout between the GS5, Z2 and this thing will probably make my decision for me but i’m leaning towards Sony right now.

    • Iz3man

      The bezel was useful on the 2013 model, just wish HTC had made the logo a button natively, this bezel is just wasted space.. Why not make it capacitive and allow the user the choice to disable and use on screen Or capacitive and no on screen.

    • ben moliere

      What they should have done was not making it bigger and use on screen buttons. They could have use HTC logo as the home button on screen. The buyers would be happy and they get to keep their logo. That beze really drives me mad… But iI’m still buying it though.

    • Supa_Fly

      Bezel Bezel Bezel … for christ sake … you sound like a woman complaiing about foreskin!!

      Dude grow up … there are countless reasons for a bezel vs nearly non-existing bezel in daily use cases and you haven’t owned this device yet!! Wait until it debuts … buy it or not buy it. Simple as that.

    • ben moliere

      It sounds to mr that you lack a sense of design. The fact is, it kooks horrible. It is true that it does not reduce the performance but it reduces its aesthetic value. And that is that for anybody with a sense of design. Maybe they do have some engineering reason for keeping it, we don’t know but if it is kept just to place HTC on it, they screwed up.

  • Curtis K Louis

    So MANY PHONES!! I love them all but can’t have them all.. I’ll have to jump the gun and get on a 2yr tab plan.

    • FunkyMonkey

      sell the current one and pay the difference
      STILL cheaper than ANY tab

  • Dennis Persaud

    That black stripe across the bottom is what gonna kill this phone ..Com On HTC …Other than that is a Great phone

    • Iz3man

      Just curious, but what else do you find appealing about it? They off balanced the speakers, rounded all edges…

      Not looking to cause a fight I just would like to know what others think here.. Maybe I’m the odd one.

    • ben moliere

      Remove the black hazel for the logo. Use the logo as the onscreen home button. In the front speaker in the bottom move it asides so it matches the one on top and place a print scanner on the right bottom to balance the camera and sensors on top. And you have yourself a pefect design and a powerful phone. The feel of Samsungs is cheep as well as Sony. IPhones have a good feel but at this point and time I would not take one if they were for free because I can’t stand iTunes.

    • Iz3man

      I would have agreed with you for the S3.. The note 3 however is solid.

    • ben moliere

      Ok, the note 3 feels a little better. The S4 again was crap, my wife has it… She swears iff Samsung forever after the S4. And I frankly am not sure that the S5 will be any better….

    • Iz3man

      That sir I will completely agree with!

      I had, as my first android, the s3. After having the amoled display crack (not the glass, just the display) while it was in my pocket, I swore off samsung. Then the one came and it ended up being a much bigger nightmare than the s3 so I was offered a free phone from Bell for my troubles. It was a toss up between Note 3, Z1 and G2.. The note 3 won for me for size, feel and my god I love the Pen. Still have the one, I finally got HTC to replace it.

    • ben moliere

      I hope the S5 Prime will be something worthwhile but either way I’m due for an upgrade and sticking with HTC and my wife is doing the same. But for the same of Samsungfans I hope S5 Prime lives to its rumors in a few months.

  • Iz3man

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I find the style a step back in progress.. The 2013 One had clean sharp edges that caught the light much like the Iphone 5 and 5s.. The 2014 one has round bulbus corners and edges much like the Iphone 3g and 3gs… I’m going to stick with my Black HTC one2013 model, it looks newer…

    • Iz3man

      Lol it’s the tech market, no one needs to upgrade, they want to.

      Had the new one been better than the old I’d have sold the 2013 One and bought a 2014 One. But it’s not the case so I won’t.

      My comment was that the style looked dated.. Not that I was annoyed I wasn’t going to upgrade… Why does everyone only read either the first few lines or the last…

    • Aiden

      I agree with you on the styling. The 2013 One had nicer lines I think, however this phone is far from being ugly and still nicer than a lot out there.

    • Iz3man

      It isn’t the ugliest I’ll agree, but it ain’t the beauty the 2013 was.

    • Iz3man

      It isn’t the ugliest I’ll agree, but it ain’t the beauty the 2013 was.

  • KiwiBri

    as I mentioned earlier, wireless charging is rumored because a wireless charging .ogg file was found in a system dump

    • Iz3man

      I tried it on my S3 and to be honest found it a pain.. Will always buy a dock over wireless charger

  • Garrett Cooper

    HTC is trying too hard with these commercials, they’re annoying. That said, battery life and image quality will be my deciding factor, but I’m leaning towards HTC. I don’t want a Samsung again and my Sony ZL isn’t as fluid after the 4.3 update, my old Nexus 4 was far smoother.

  • LexJ

    Ultrapixel? More like purple and pink pixel.

    • Iz3man

      Yeah that camera has always been bad… My m7 supposedly had that fixed… But the pink is now just purple.

  • sanjeed mirza

    Absolute horrible design. Round edges makes it look like older model than the htc one. Whats with the bezel and on screen button. Did it not cross the HTC engineers mind that it would take up so much of the precious screen space. I want to immerse myself into the screen not the bezel and htc logo looking back at my face. Very poor from HTC. And also that 12 minute video leaked before showed that boom sound from the new one is actually not as good as the old one. It was louder but sounded bit harsh not as punchy. I love my HTC one and had high hopes for this one but looks like I will wait it out till nexus 6

    • Iz3man

      The only thing I didn’t like about my One was the silver.. Bell refused to sell the black so I ordered a black shell and swapped it over. Now I’m happy. I just don’t use it, too afraid or scratching it Lol I take it out when we go out, everyday work is my Note 3

  • Zen

    Looks similar to what Apple will be doing, just very long, not wider.
    Looks like i’ll be picking up either one of the new Sonys or the Moto X…

    Ps those commercials are so off and tacky…makes me want to look at other brands lol

  • Steven Rodriguez

    Does anyone know for certain if the rectangular cutout to the right of the top speaker and to the left of the camera lens is an ambient light sensor or a new large notification LED?

    • Iz3man

      Ambient light and proximity. You can see the infrared led shining on the video (because our phone cameras can see ir light).

      Chances are the led will be green / red only and located in the grill like the M7

    • Steven Rodriguez

      Geez, I hope you are wrong because this will be deal breaker for me. The tiny grill LED from the One with its limited colours was terrible for visibility. I tweeted Jason Mac repeatedly about this, I wish they would have listened.

    • Iz3man

      I wish I was. The notification led is a weird thing.. I have no idea why all the other oems don’t just use the multi color ones like samsung.. I have a one, it does red and green, my LG optimus g does red only… My Note 3 does every color in the palette.. Love it, red for charge, green for business email, white for personal, yellow for text, blue for hangouts, orange for calendar events.. I’d like to see a multi color on HTC, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen.

  • Lucas Kitchen

    what are the odds the sd slot will support the new 128gb cards?

    • Iz3man

      Doubtful, the tech is too new for the readers.. The M9 will have it.. If HTC survives 2014…:(

  • bembol

    The bezel is the biggest debate, I personally can’t get over it.

    Every other company is finding ways to reduce bezels on their flagships.

    No saying I’m not going to pass on it, I did buy the One last year twice. This just puts it 2-3 spots behind.

    • Iz3man

      The bezel, the useless black bar and the Iphone 3gs look are all red flags to me…

      Now to be fair, I just bought a Note 3 and use the One for a backup.. I really had no intention of buying one, but I would have considered it for my wife.

  • Allan Hansom

    I’m surprised this guy actually shows the IMEI (although it is a bit hard to see) after the first kid was so careless. Perhaps he’ll get a nice letter from Jeff Gordon too?

  • sasquacho

    HTC bezel and uneven speaker grills… my OCD won’t let me buy this phone… lol

    • Iz3man

      Lol I don’t have OCD and it pisses me off.. Looking at that phone makes me think HTC just doesn’t even give a damn anymore!

    • Michel El-Asmar

      Same here haha!

  • Sean

    Is Telus the exclusive carrier of this phone? I badly want to get it from Bell

  • KiwiBri

    Just saw the telstra Australia leak. The new HTC one (M8) name confirmed. Some sort of 3d effects and field of depth for camera.

  • Ronald

    The funniest thing is how HTC is being bashed for the design aesthetics of the M8, its all coming from Samsung owners..oh the irony!

  • Ramakata Oblonsky

    If SD slot is here then will skip on S5 and take this one