Rooster by DailyLit brings fiction to the iPhone in 15-minute chunks

Rooster, launching today from DailyLit, is a service that understands many people don’t, or can’t, make time for reading. DailyLit has made a name for itself sending classic literature and new fiction to thousands of people every day, and hopes to achieve the same sort of success with Rooster, a $4.99/month service that curates a select number of new and classic fiction for iPhone users.

The company pairs a new release with a classic one for each monthly submission, and promises the books can be finished in 15 minute-a-day chunks, which, once a routine is established, shouldn’t be hard to achieve.

The actual reading experience is similar to most other iOS e-book readers like Kindle, Kobo or iBooks. Users can change text size, font and theme depending on the time of day and device, and the app has a modern, iOS 7-friendly look that fits right in with the rest of the category. DailyLit is betting on the notion that many potential fiction lovers are overwhelmed with the choices available, and intend to offer just two books per month, “like a fine cheese with the perfectly selected wine,” according to the app description.

Whether they can accumulate a loyal fan base depends on the quality of the work — the company promises new writing from well-known fiction authors, and original content only available through DailyLit — but the $4.99 monthly price shouldn’t scare too many potentials away.

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