Roam Mobility SIM cards can now be purchased at Best Buy, Future Shop and Canada Computers


  • silver_arrow

    The thing I find funny is its around the same price for a plan that has 9 gigs of data in another county than a 1 (well 2 right now) gig plan here in Canada (Telus’ $85 share Plus plan)

  • ToniCipriani

    But now with a proper distribution channel, hope it means they can actually drop the price of the cards. $20 a pop is just way too much and kills it for casual users, which this is aimed at.

    Got my last 2 cards via the SIM swap program.

    • Guest

      You just have to buy the SIM card once, and then re-use it.

    • Nestea80

      I was under the impression that the SIM cards were reusable. Are they not?

    • kevin c

      They are reusable. You need only top up the card once per year to keep the card and account active.

    • Brian

      the sim doesnt expire, use it once a year to keep the same USA phone number

    • ToniCipriani

      Yes but 1 year expiry.

    • Stephen_81

      How is $20 a bad price? traditional SIM’s cost $10 and this SIM saves much more money

    • iJeGra

      Wind $20 plan + $15 US everything unlimited plan beats this. And you get a Canadian number to be reached at, not US.

    • Canadianman23

      Wind is great, unless you live outside of the 6 cities they are currently in, or if you ever travel in Canada outside of those 6 cities.

    • KiwiBri

      I remember Robbers used to charge $30 for a SIM.. where in NZ on holiday, I bought a Vodafone SIM for $20 and it came with a ton of Airtime as well. (That was around 2006 I think)

      oh man, I just checked – that SIM Swap program finished last November 🙁

  • b_diddy

    lol or get wind for cheaper than that with US roaming

  • Twonald

    hmm, i’ve always just used a t-mobile simcard when i’m in the states. $3per day for unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited texts and unlimited data.

    • Djdjf

      These are more for people who want to set everything up before they leave and not have to worry about finding a T-Mobile store when they get to their destination. I’m sure if you already have a T-Mobile sim though you could set everything up before you leave too.

    • Anonymous501

      I did the T-Mobile thing too. I also wanted to be prepared before I left. Hence I bought on off ebay for $10 shipped that came with $3 of credit already on it. Worked out great. Used it for 3 trips in the states last year.. It’s going to expire soon.

      T-Mobile is great in the big cities/highway. More rural highway / smaller town the coverage is a bit sketchy. 3/day is pretty sweet.

    • Mike

      I agree. Tmobile pay per day plan is the best bang for buck. Used it in a few cities. I had a family member send a few sim starter kits from the states.

    • bluecanada

      I do too and that won’t change.

      But people like the unlimited calls and texts back to Canada…

      I prefer having LTE with T-Mobile directly.

    • avikingdj

      I used to use a T-mobile as well but now I use the roam sim because it allows calling back to Canada from the USA and the T-mobile card does not. Other than that they are the same thing i.e they use the same network and you get the same coverage and speeds. And the roam card doesn’t expire and the T-mobile will be deactivated if it is not topped up after 3 months I believe.
      I have used the Roam sim on 3 trips so far and am very happy with the service.

  • Stuntman06

    This would be great for me if my phone weren’t locked.

  • Balls O’Steele

    Why bother? Just buy a t mobile sim card when you get to the states. Get the data plan and use Fongo so you can keep using you phone number.