Samsung’s Pass API opens up Galaxy S5’s fingerprint sensor to developers


  • lusky3

    Nice. The spirit of ‘open’ Android brings right there.

  • gab_gagnon

    “to request fingerprint recognition, cancel those requests, register fingerprints, and verify fingerprints against those registered to the S5.”

    So basically, they’ll be able to see the fingerprints. Nice, so much security! At least on the iPhone, even Apple can’t see the image, it is stored on a chip inside the processor and apps (the App and iTunes Store) only get to ask iOS if it matches. Nothing is shown to the application.

    • Arshad Kazi

      It doesn’t say anything about the apps being able to see the finger prints stored on the phone. It states as you quoted that it verifies fingerprints against those registered to the S5, the same way the iOS checks if it matches.

  • d a

    Well this makes me a little nervous about getting a new phone from Samsung. I have a feeling I’ll be sticking with my Note 2 for a lot longer than I thought I would be.