CTV News launches new BlackBerry 10 app


  • Will

    I found out about the Kingston Fire and Crane operator rescue when I was checking out the app – definitely a keeper for me.

  • StevieY

    The ten people using that garbage OS will celebrate

    • MXH070

      I’m guessing you get paid to troll all BlackBerry articles or have pathetic life in general.

    • King kobi

      Im guessing you get paid to snuff out trolls and defend bb10 to the death.

    • Bbrysucks


    • MXH070


    • Bbrysucks

      So you do it for free then? Lol. How kind of you. Really, you should entertain a better hobby, as this one makes you look like quite the wanker.

    • MXH070

      So are you getting paid to troll every single BlackBerry article or is a hobby?.
      If it’s a hobby, I suggest maybe looking for something that doesn’t make you look like a complete goof.

      Have a Merry Christmas Troll..

  • Martin Chan

    I think the news is better than the CBC app but the CBC app layout is compact and lets you see the news that matter.