Dolphin Zero is an Android browser that leaves no trace

Interested in doing subversive browsing on your Android device? It’s now easier than ever thanks to a new app from the makers of Dolphin Browser, aptly dubbed Dolphin Zero.

The app is as simple as it comes: you get an input bar with address resolution or search capabilities from one of four engine — DuckDuckGo, Google, Yahoo! and Bing — and you surf until you’re satisfied. Once the browser closes, it deletes all traces of your activities, including history, cookies, form data, passwords, and cached files.

While purporting to be the “Snapchat of browers,” I don’t really see the appeal of a standalone do-not-track browser. Most modern browsers, including Dolphin, Chrome and Firefox, have the equivalent of an incognito mode, which does not store history or accept cookies, but Dolphin must have seen a need from its user base to release an independent app for the same task.

At the very least, it’s clean, fast and low-overhead.

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