Moto X ‘is coming to Fido soon’


  • Dimitri

    Rogers needs to start giving devices to Rogers at launch, not months later. Also give Fido devices people will want. Not saying the Moto X is not something people want but give more device options..

    Rogers screwed over Fido when they bought them.

    • Keppay

      That was the point when Rogers bought Fido. Rogers wanted to shut down/merge Fido

    • Balls O’Steele

      No thanks I’ll get the N5.

    • Ren596

      BUT For a LONG time Rogers Kept The High END devices Away From Fido

    • Ren596

      The CRTC Made Keeping Fido Around a condition of the Buyout IIRC

    • ryeyeyeyey

      yup and im sure they will further screw fido by putting this phone for like $200+ on contract. their subsidy system f ucking blows.

    • Tom

      You forget that Fido has much cheaper plans than its parent brand. Factor in the long term cost over 2 years, dude.

    • Tom

      I’m on Fido and I honestly don’t care what devices they sell because I buy my own.

      I’m off-contract on a decent-value plan that is no longer offered. It’s seriously cheaper for me to buy even an iPhone outright than to sign a new contract and get a “discount” but pay nearly double my current monthly fee for 24 months.

      Plus, if I ever decide to switch to a non-Nexus device, I don’t have to worry about a bootloader lock or a SIM lock (yes I know how to buy an unlock code, but obviously the resellers had to get them from the carriers, and I don’t need to be supporting the carriers any more than I already do).

  • nomad

    nothing will beat the price of the Nexus 5.

    • Thrasher

      If the rumors are true, the Nexus 5 could be as much as US$449 for the 32 GB version…

    • Eluder

      Smart individual here, the nexus 5 is not going to be as cheap as the n4 was. And with good reason, it’s packing serious hardware plus official lte support and more storage.

    • Tom

      Even $450 is a steal compared to pretty much all the other flagship-spec phones.

  • brararsh

    The question is, Will it sell? No 4.3 yet for Google phone, still running 4.2.2

    • beyond

      the real question is ‘Will it Blend?’

    • Russell Robinson

      The Moto X is not a nexus device. Altho designed by motorola (a google company), they still have a non-stock UI and have to jump through the hoops every other manufacturer does to push an update

  • MaX Damage

    One of the most appealing part of this phone is being able to customize/personalize it with different sets of color. In Canada, the possibilities are endless, you could get the Moto X in black….or white! :O

    • Mobile User

      That’s because AT&T has an exclusivity deal over MotoMaker. Whether MotoMaker will be available for other carriers and countries depends on when/if the exclusivity ends.

  • Shensmobile

    Been using this phone for a month now and, having owned practically every phone out there, this is by far my favourite. Unfortunately, had to buy it outright from Rogers, hopefully I can grab the next gen Motorola phone from Fido when my contract expires because this phone honestly represents the direction that phones have to take from this point on.

    • Eluder

      Agreed, I’ve used the HTC One (previous favourite) and the experience of the Moto X is just awesome. Google/Moto really thought about how people use their phones, and it shows. By far the best feature I’ve ever had on any phone has to be the Active notifications/display on the Moto X, it’s such a simple feature, but so genius. The phone also has solid battery life!

    • Shensmobile

      I had the HTC One and an S4 right before this, and the Moto X was a breath of fresh air. I have all the features turned on (location tracking with Google now updating my bus times/next bus every 5 minutes) and I never worry about battery life. With the S4, if I didn’t turn all the location tracking features off, I wouldn’t get through a day.


      Active notifications is good on the Moto X (which is a really great phone that you cant bash if youve actually used one) but its not as good as Dynamic Notifications (available in the playstore) because unlike Active Notifications you can view more than just the last notification by tapping on the smaller notification icons that sit below the main notification. Thats the only peeve of the entire phone other than battery life if your a gamer which is less than impressive. Other than those the Moto X is quite a fantastic device and one of my favorites Ive reviewed to date.

    • Eluder

      I use dynamic notifications on my one and though it does do a little more than moto, it’s not as fluid. With the moto when I take the phone out of my pocket it wakes up all the time. Dynamic notifications isn’t 100% there, plus it doesn’t wake up when you pick up the phone from a desk. It’s a great app, but I still prefer the moto implementation overall.

    • rony

      absolutely agreed. at first when i saw spec. i said no way. mid.spec.-no thanks. but after i tried it ,it completely blown my mind. i realized how so not important specification is . once you try the phone you’ll be amaze what motorola did. coming from nexus 4 the size of the phone is like this phone is no way the same 4.7 display. but yes it is.
      highly recommend the phone.

  • wes

    WOW I’m pretty happy about this one! 🙂 Not likely to get it, but at least it’s a better option than the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

  • Temper

    When or can this phone ever be available for other providers? Bell? I want this phone, but I don’t want to switch to Rogers or Fido.

    • ryeyeyeyey

      suck it up and buy it

  • rumthin

    I would jump all over this phone if the PA team supported it.

  • Ro Tep

    Next phone for Fido: Galaxy Note 3 and we’re in business lolz

    • ryeyeyeyey

      ya sure, max plan only.

    • Ro Tep

      Not the Max Plan, the Ultra Plan hehehehe. We can watch them giving stupid reasons to say because it’s so expensive to subsidize and have to put a new plan for this phone

  • Mark Loney

    OMG…..THis is exactly what i have been waiting for….This phone has everything i want…..So glad i waited and didnt pull the plug to buy it outright from Robbers!! Now give me a date and we are set11

  • Tom

    The only thing I find truly outstanding about the Moto X is the fact that it’s made in the US – more expensive to produce than an iPhone while selling for a lower price.

    It’s not a bad phone – its specs are no slouch – but it’s just not good value when you have the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. I’m fine with having “only” dual cores and “only” a 720p screen. But I’m not fine with paying over $500 for that when I can get the same or better for less. And if I wanted to fork out $500+, then there are options with some seriously premium build quality, such as the HTC One.

    • Mark Loney

      You dont need quadcore nor a 1080p screen…..the screen is so small that 720 fits right…this isnt a 60” TV where there is that much of a difference…

    • Tom

      I agree with you, and I currently have an N4 – same size, actually 1280×768 but hardly any different.

      However, if I’m getting a technically lesser phone, then it’s hard to justify paying so much for it. Sort of like buying gaming PC parts. I don’t actually need hyperthreading or more than 2 cores to get great framerates in my games. But if someone’s offering me a core i5 for $200 vs a core i7 for $250, it’s hard not to lean towards the i7. Now in the case of the N4 vs the MX, you’re actually being offered a core i7 for less than a core i5!

    • Mark Loney

      I agree and dont agree…This is not a technically lesser phone….I should ask have you had your hands touch one? THis phone even though the specs are out there like a S4…It has features that you actually want to use..and runs great….No extra bells and whistles…I can see where the price can be a factor for many….

    • Richard Wangly

      Very much in agreement re: value. The current price does not really match my expectations, even though I expect and acknowledge a premium for what they are offering. Very close to buying one, but I have a feeling only a price drop AND access to motomaker will make me act.