Rogers Moto X software update now available to download, improves camera performance


  • adolflow

    Got it with my Fido sim inside

  • Sean Walton

    Yup I got it.

  • leobg

    Does it break root (the one without unlocking the boot loader)?

    • tremsr

      yes it does.
      You might as well wait until safestrap is functional then flash it as a .zip, as I’m sure someone will make one.

  • Miguel A

    anyone want to post some sample pics? the reviews of this phone rated it having a subpar camera and I’d like to know how much of a difference this update makes

    • tremsr

      You can Google around..I know a few sites posted comparison photos. Though as a Moto user, I noticed the enhancements.

  • Bryan

    Got it on my X this evening. Camera performance appears to be significantly improved as first reported. Very happy with this update, addresses the only real flaw/issue I had with the phone.

  • Tommyf

    Camera is so much better!

  • stevedion

    Just got the update on an unlocked Rogers Moto X with Koodo SIM card. Wasn’t sure if updates were pushed out to devices with Rogers/Fido SIMs only.

    • Mark Loney

      Curious question for those with the MOTO X…..
      How are you liking the device so far…
      How well does it work on Non-Robbers networks?
      Looking to purchase one shortly…..

    • Brad Mebus

      The device is near stock android, feels amazing to use. The rounded back feels extremely natural in the hand. Love this device, the camera was hurting up until now, I still haven’t tested it fully but Im eager to as I am seeing comparison photos all the time now. Once unlocked your phone will work just as well on whatever carrier you choose as it would on Rogers.

      Keep in mind that your reception is based off your carrier primarily unless your phone was crap to begin with or your sim card is ancient.

      Rogers does in most cases have the best Canada wide coverage and some of the most transparent billing possible if you take the time to learn how to read your bill.

    • Mark Loney

      Thanks Brad….I have no issues with the bills i have an issue with the company on the whole….I work in IT and had to assist a user with speaking with rogers….took a whole 3 hours on the phone..for something so simple…i digress..

      I am with fido so reception should be as i have it now..

      This just confirms ill be getting the X…though the 5 is looking kinda nice..Nexus that is!

    • Russell Robinson

      you do realize that fido is a rogers company?

    • Mark Loney

      I do however they work on different systems but same network..go figure…
      Rogers still sucks…They need to put more funds into training their CSR’s

    • Richard Wangly

      One of the problems with “Rogers” CSRs is that a large portion of them are working for 3rd party call centres, usually with the lower pay, poorer training, doubled bureaucracy, and lack of access to the system tools that comes with them. Unless, of course, things have magically changed in the past few years…

    • Brad Mebus

      I’m also very eager to see the Nexus 5. You had me going there for a second, not to say the iPhone isn’t a nice device, but I still feel like it is a smartphone lite. It simply is too locked down for my tastes.

      Dismal customization and don’t even get me started on how proprietary that whole experience is. Certain file types, certain chargers, certain ways to do things. Not easy to move files around either…

      But I do have to say that there is just something about this Moto X that feels right. I love this thing.

    • Mark Loney

      I concur….Use to have an iphone 5 and that got lost after about 10 months…im calling it a blessing in disguise…during that time had to purchase 2 blasted cords…only way to open up the iphone is if you JB it….#iphonefail

  • Aven

    Got mine on Bell. One question: I have a Razr HD before, and I found the battery on Moto x is not as good as Razr HD. How’s your guys’ moto x?

  • Brad Mebus

    I have recieved my update but haven’t fully tested my camera yet. I tested the camera in low light conditions and the pictures were considerably clearer. I felt like when testing the camera in these low light conditions that there was an extra step added to the focusing. Im not sure how to explain this fully but it felt like the camera did this when opened and taking the picture:

    – Camera opens and focuses on what I was looking at
    – Focuses and sharpens the image
    – Adjusts the image for low light conditions
    – Photo is taken

    It appears to me that the phone is observing its surroundings in obvious stages to take a better picture and it feels slightly forced. Only reason I say this is because of my experience with the Galaxy Note II and several smartphones before that. The process seems slower than what it should be.

    I have purchased an app called Camera JB+ on recommendation from MKBHD a youtuber who reviewed the Moto X in great detail. The stock android camera feels right and is speedier on auto-focus and color balancing. Check it out! More testing to come.

    • Mark Loney

      MKBHD has some great reviews…..I also would suggest checking him out on YT!!!

  • Russell Robinson

    Iv been looking for a phone to replace my ancient nexus S. seeing these frequent updates is making me consider the moto x very seriously

  • izo

    Beware, this update also force the update of Maps to 7 without telling you…

    • Richard Wangly

      Beware, the above comment will imply negative things about Maps 7 but not explain what they are…