Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear now available in Canada


  • Rick Morayniss


  • Rawrrr

    I’m definitely getting the N3.. Would it be sold out by tonight or tomorrow? Hope not.. Zomg!

    • Adriel Garrovillas

      haha im hoping the sameeee…

  • Bri

    Just wait a few weeks and the prices will go down..

    • Rawrrr

      I’m switching back to Robbers from Wind.. moving out of Wind zone and going with dad’s corporate plan, obviously not under my name.. so might as well pick up the N3 when switching.

    • Bri

      back to robbers eh? wish I had a good corporate plan then I would definitely consider robellus since they have good coverage and LTE but then they’ll never get a plan like $30 unlimited.
      I would even consider $45 unlimited + 2-3GB data

    • Costa Minitsios

      I was given 100$ off (50 right away the other 50 thru a online rebate ). Factor that in with the 400$ I got selling my note 2. after paying off my tab I only had to pay 70$ out of my pocket.

    • Bri

      which carrier?

    • Costa Minitsios


  • Finky

    Uh can’t wait to get this thing today! 🙂 I’m going to a Wind store first to see if they have the Snapdragon model (it says on their website they do), but if they don’t I may end up getting it from Telus :/

    • Chris

      I just got mine and it is snapdragon

    • Adriel Garrovillas

      crazy, I thought they would have the octa core version! How’s 4k video shooting?

    • chris

      4k video is crazy clear

    • WB

      I thought you need a 4k monitor/TV to see the difference? The display on the phone is only 1080p, I would love to see the two models in a side by side comparison to see if there really is a huge difference.

      The big draw to the snapdragon for me is the boost in cpu power.

    • WB

      Did Wind have the Snapdragon model?

    • Finky

      They sure did! Was really happy and am loving this phone!

  • Apocalypso

    I’ll be making a trip to Telus tonight. 😀

  • David Etienne

    No way in hell that I would pay $329 to beta-test a watch. Wait for second gen when they figure out what they’re doing.

  • stann

    I’ll wait to see how is the new Nexus 5 and then decide. But no freaking way I’m ever buying that watch!!!

  • trp-tyr

    So who knows the outright price of N3 sold in Rogers???

    • Super_Deluxe

      probably around the $829 mark

    • Dimitri


      $699 outright. I bought it for $699.99 +taxes from the Rogers store underneath the Rogers tower in Toronto. Also a few others have as well.

  • Ruo Han Chen

    hmmmm where can we get unlocked N3?

    • jonathan

      SaskTel unlocks for $50, bell and telus unlock after 3 months of contract for a $50 fee

    • bking

      Or get an unlock code online for $10. Why pay $50 and wait?

    • RussianDroid

      Worked for me for ALL my android phones in the past. Don’t know if it works for N3, don’t see why it wouldn’t.

      I’m gonna wait to get the note when Sammy releases update that fixes sloppy software on N3.

    • bob

      ebay. i had mine a week ago already

  • PJ66

    I’m not able to find a Bell store that has it 🙁

  • Costa Minitsios

    Well I got mine this morning (was 7th in line on reservation). Loving it so far

  • Rick Morayniss

    Remember, if you get the bundle this weekend, the watch is 229., and bell has a trade in deal too, so that is another 140 of the cost for me.

  • Adriel Garrovillas

    Should I get this phone?!

  • Jade Fox

    is every carrier doing the $100 bundle discount? I called my local rogers store and they had no idea what I was talking about

    • Yan Blais

      No not all carrier have a rebate, From what i can see only telus, bell and rogers has a rebate for 100$.

  • johentie

    Picked mine up already!! sweeeettt but i’m glad i have bb10 device to use as well… the gestures were so awesome and hub integration is being missed for sure!

    • johentie

      whoever voted this down has no idea what their talking about or has never used a bb10 device… u know how annoying it is to be in a whatsapp chat and have to press the back button a crazy amount of times to get back to whatever u were doing before? swipe up and to the right gets u to the hub in bb10 and u can reply to whatever the hell you want from there… i’d say a much more fluid UX then pressing the back button to get to the home screen and then opening up gmail to check your email list…

  • jonnny

    what about the new note 10?

  • Dariusz Stochmal

    Go one from Rogers, outright purchase.

  • Leo

    Bell and Telus are doing the $100 off the gear when you buy together….I went to the Rogers store asking about the same deal and they had no idea what I was talking about. Of the 10 Rogers stores I called they knew nothing about the Galaxy Gear and they never received any. So what’s the deal? I thought all carriers were carrying it or is this a Bell / Telus exclusive? I ended up getting my Note 3 without the Galaxy Gear.

    Don’t even bother asking Rogers about accessories cause they have none!!

    • Yan Blais

      if you go to bestbuy, they know the deal.

    • Leo

      funny thing, so Rogers said they are not carrying the gear but you could take your receipt to Bestbuy and they will honour it. I asked Bestbuy about it and they said you can’t do that.

    • Yan Blais

      u have to activate your phone by bestbuy

  • ITCanWork

    I have a 50$ plan with 5 gigs right now, to buy this phone from Telus, Id have to switch my plan to 100$ a month so I can have as many gigs (thats 600$ extra a YEAR). Is anyone else having the same problem? I want a Note 3, is the only way to buy it outright?? #f*ck

    • le10017

      I have a plan that’s $30/month and ready to sign a 2 year, but Bell wanted me on a 350mb plan, unlimited voice with a few other small featured for $70. I get them raising the monthly to recoup the hardware, but at least make the plan more enticing. Just Brutal. Btw,,, this was from the ‘loyalty’ call centre.

  • IanDickson

    Went to my local Sasktel dealer, just to make sure what I saw online for my Upgrade before you can price was right, and sure enough it was…BUT…need to sell my Note 2 before I can. Then it will only cost me like $40 or $50 after the fact. Hopefully. 🙂 Would still need to buy one of those swanky cases for it with the window on the front.

  • djino

    I just bought mine outright from WIND MOBILE. no issues from the rep. LOVE THE PHONE!!!

    • Adriel Garrovillas

      Which version does Wind sell? I’m EXTREMELY tempted to go to wind after work and get one

  • HelloCDN


  • MadBlax

    Was outside the Telus store at 10am in Edmonton. Got the white, beautiful phone.


    I get that you’re buying the Note 3 but why would anyone buy the Gear over the Sony Smart Watch.

  • bel4_20

    If you buy one outright from Rogers get it unlocked and use it on Bell will that affect updates from Bell as it was a Rogers phone?

  • d a

    Nice phone BUT not nice enough to get anyone to upgrade from a Note 2 unless they’re morons or have more money than they know what to do with. Note 2 would still be the best phone out there if it wasn’t for the Note 3 IMO.

  • BigBrosMo

    I am on Virgin. Does anyone know if I buy a Note 3 outright from Rogers (or Telus or Bell or Wind), do I have to sign up for one of their plans and activate it before unlocking the phone? Or can I just put my Virgin SIM in it and unlock it?

  • Ruo Han Chen

    I went to a telus store at Waterloo ON today and they told me they havent started selling yet and “might be available” next week” …

  • TRadama

    Still rockin my original Note.
    It’s probably night and day between the two devices? lol 🙂

  • Shaggyskunk

    It would be great if you guys would follow up on the AndroidPolice article on the N3 and the “shoddy crooked home button”…

  • Elo

    I bought them both on day 1, I’m soo glad I did!

  • disqus_QjtDNSgR6K

    I am in Calgary and the Rogers store and the tbooth store at Cross Iron Mills refused to sell me the Note 3. Apparently they only sell it to new customers, so I was told. Great!

  • Suzette Ann McLean Josiah

    Where can I get an s view case in the stores in the GTA area?

  • matthewcouto

    So I pay $330 so that I don’t have to take my $750 tablet out of my pocket? I’m confused.

  • RaienDrops

    Ahhh, Mobilicity peeps are the only ones w/out N3s. Anybody unlocked a Wind one yet? LOL

  • sal c

    Has anyone experienced any bootloop problems on their note 3, just from installing applications? Restart your phone see what happens. I’m currently going on my 3rd device with this issue :/

  • Modi