iPad mini 2 rumoured to come with an A7 chip, Touch ID and Gold, Silver, Space Grey colours


  • Jesse

    … 1 GB of Memory?? Either that’s (another) typo, or Apple has their heads “in the cloud”!

    • 01011001001

      Considering it has 512mb now it’s an upgrade.

    • Zed

      New iPhone has 1gb RAM. Why the shocker?

    • Paul

      I think they mean memory as in RAM, not as in storage.

  • 01011001001

    No retina display, no sale

  • hunkyleepickle

    If they don’t retina up this thing, they’re crazy. Nexus 7, new kindles, and nearly every high end smart phone has a 1080p or higher display.

  • Zed

    And the gold one will be unavailable at launch for a few weeks/months

    • sky_n3t

      I’m still waiting for the email with the tracking number from Rogers in regards to the 5s 64GB Gold I ordered and I ordered on September 23rd 2013!
      I HIGHLY doubt that anyone will be able to receive a gold model iPad Mini at launch.


    The iPad mini is one of the new Apple products I’ve had a slight interest in. The only downside is the mini version doesn’t have retina and has lower specs than the big brother iPad, and what good is 1GB of memory going to do with the 64bit chip?

    • Richard Xing

      If you’ve seen the new iPhone 5s, then you know the new ARMv8 architecture speeds up the device quite a lot.

  • Alex McIlwaine

    Revolutionary…or something.

  • icy_virtuoso6

    I’m still super skeptical about these rumours that the mini will have an A7 and the fingerprint reader. Those seem like things they would reserve for the full sized iPad this year so that you get more than just a bigger screen for your extra $170.