BlackBerry Q5 now available at Videotron


  • tyresmoke

    Nobody is waiting for the Z30. BlackBerry is busy scrambling for a buyer.

    • Acer12345

      This article is about the Q5. You could atleast try and be correct about that rather than mindlessly bashing.

    • thisarticleispoorlywritten

      “While the world patiently waits for the BlackBerry Z30 phablet to arrive” first line of the article. Bashing yes. Mindless no

    • thisiscjay

      I would consider ignoring the title and 95pct of the content mindless so… ya

  • JB

    Had a chance to play with this device the other day. Its an excellent mid range smartphone. Performance is excellent.

    • Scazza

      This and the Nexus 4 are two incredible phones for dirt cheap unsub prices. Aside from the cheaper feel, this phone is a damn tank, and can easily out perform other mid and even some high range devices.

    • Regalianoken

      I got one off a guy for $250 as a secondary phone. Seriously, the thing’s solid!

  • thisarticleispoorlywritten

    ” While the world patiently waits for the BlackBerry Z30 phablet to arrive” too much of a exageration on the authors part to take the article seriously.

    • thisiscjay

      Articles sometimes are a merge of opinion and fact, in this case perhaps he has 10 close friends and 8 want the Z30. So in terms of a survey (albeit a very small one) he could say 8 out of 10 ppl want it and technically wouldn’t be lying. That being said generally articles tend to be subjective as I mentioned…

  • gomez

    looks to be a decent phone if a qwerty keyboard is your preference, still think the price is too high for the no contract, RiM needs to get more product out in the market, price this at 250 no contract, and it will sell,