Videotron rolls out 2-year contracts, “unlike its competitors” keeps monthly price plans the same


Similar to competing carriers, Videotron has scrapped its 3-year ‘reduced pricing’ model and rolled out a new 2-year structure. This move was made possible by the CRTC’s recent Wireless Code which mandated all carriers install a maximum 24-month wireless contract term.

While other carriers decided to reduce contract length to 2-years and increase the monthly rate plans – most start off at $70/month – Videotron declared that “in another example of its inclination to do things differently… unlike its competitors, it will not increase the prices of its newly enhanced mobile plans. Videotron customers will still be able to enjoy state-of-the-art mobile service, the full power of Videotron’s 4G network and an experience that is among the best available today, all at the same price.”

Videotron’s basic talk/text/data plan begins at $45/month and tops out at a new $72/month 6GB data offering.

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