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TacoQuest app now available for BlackBerry 10 smartphones, coming soon to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

I’m a foodie. I love eating and experiencing new restaurants. A new app has been released by Waterloo-based DinDin Kitchen that surely feeds my appetite for tacos.

It’s called “TacoQuest” and it’s currently available for BlackBerry 10 devices – Z10, Q10, and Q5 – but will be coming soon to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

The app itself gives you quick access to local taco joints in your area (via GPS), and to sign up you’ll need to have a Foursquare account. Once you’re within the app you simply search for local tacos and you’ll be presented with a populated list. If you’re into tacos then you’ll know that it’s an acquired taste, so user feedback is important. Users can share photos, comments, and ratings of tacos with the community, but to add a taco to the list you’ll need to enable Foursquare.


The app currently has over 2,100 listings around the world, but most are located in Canada, the US, and Mexico. The list will grow with every new user as the app is aiming to build a ‘TacoQuest community.’

Download TacoQuest here from BlackBerry World.