Samsung’s Galaxy Gear ‘will be a smartphone companion’

Samsung has not been shy on announcing plans to launch a smart watch. Back in March they declared that “we are working very hard to get ready for it.” The date for the rumoured ‘Galaxy Gear’ – the possibly name of the smart watch – will occur on September 4th in Germany during the IFA conference.

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen hints of this product coming to life. The first sign of confirmation came from a trademark filing, then potential shipping dates surfaced online. Last week both the New York Times and Bloomberg hopped on the train and suggested that the Galaxy Gear will have the ability to ‘make phone calls, surf the Web and handle e-mails.” Today, The Verge is reporting the Galaxy Gear is real and echos similar features, but states that the Gear is ‘definitely not be a phone unto itself… It works with phones… the watch is not a phone.” The Galaxy Gear will not have a dedicated SIM card, similar to the 4G Galaxy Camera, but will be a ‘smartphone companion.’

This is certainly no shocker as other competing manufacturers, namely Sony and Motorola, have gone down this route of making compatible ‘smartwatches’ connect to smartphones. Everything will unfold on September 4th. Still no indication on its final design or pricing.