Transit, the best public transport app for iPhone, comes to Android


  • Kristian Aldrin

    Yes!!!! Been waiting for this one and its free!

  • André Dignard

    just tried it, and for Ottawa at least it’s not that hot… couldn;t find my address,
    Google Now on the other hand has no issues…

    • Erik N.

      Works perfect for me and I’m in Ottawa

    • Darren

      Ah, thanks for checking, I was wondering if it would work here. “My OC Transpo” is a freakin’ mess – both the app and the actual service. Google Now is beginning to scare me a bit though.

  • danakin

    Minor typo on Winnipeg – “Winniped”

  • DratBrat

    I was using Transit Now Toronto for TTC arrival times.
    How much better is this app?

    • Eluder

      All though Transit Now is ugly, I find it easier to use than Transit on iOS. I find the times on Transit Now to be pretty accurate, so I don’t see a reason to switch yet.

    • Chrome262

      Rocket Man is the same, ugly but effective. But that is iOS not sure about Android

    • Unorthodox

      I rely on Transit Now in my daily trips, and it’s the best within TTC coverage. Too bad it doesn’t cover Mississauga too,

    • Davidyyz

      Transit is prettier and the interface is very fluid but it doesn’t appear to have features like the live bus map.

    • sam98

      Live bus map is already in the iOS version, but it’s coming to Android very soon!

  • Tommy Crosby

    On iOS this App was perfect since there’s no transit in Apple Maps. So it was a recommended download. But On Android, unless Google don’t have your city and this does, it will have some trouble to fight Google Now.
    But one thing is clear, the app design is sexy.

    • Chrome262

      Google for iOS does transit as well

    • Tommy Crosby

      So does Google Maps for iOS. But it’s harder to sell an alternative when there’s is a built in solution even if the alternative is better. Think about Internet Explorer…

  • northernpenguin

    Why is it that Mississauga, Oakville gets excluded from apps like these yet Google Maps has the data. Navigating around Greater Toronto with big holes in the coverage really reduces the effectiveness of this app for people on the west end of the GTA, unless you’re near a GO route.

    I notice Mississauga has their own iOS app and have to wonder if they are blocking things. I really wish there was a GTTA wide schedule/routing service that wasn’t based on Google Search.

    • BT

      MiWay doesn’t provide a GTFS data feed, nor does Oakville Transit.

    • Kyouya

      I can corroborate this comment. I spoke to someone who developed the app and MiWay has consistently refused to provide data feed. They have become pretty arrogant lately by overcharging riders and starting to eliminate certain services like weekly passes. I’m getting really annoyed with them now.

    • Unorthodox

      I agree about Google. At first, Public Transit in Maps was amazing, but I quickly realized that it doesn’t always offer an optimal route when it comes to switching between TTC and MiWay. Try to get out of YYZ to somewhere along Winston Churchill, and it gives you a bunch of painful, yet costly routes, when in reality it’s quite simple.

  • pvanb

    Nothing against Guelph, but how is it they’re included here and not Mississauga?

    • Guillaume Campagna

      Only because Guelph has open data and MiWay doesn’t 🙁

      We would add Mississauga probably the day we get the data, but they won’t give us access, and we only need the same data they give to Google.

    • Chrome262

      Well that sucks.

    • pvanb

      That’s a real shame, especially since the tools/services they provide themselves are so poorly done.

  • Chrome262

    I wouldn’t call it the best. its good though. I find that it often gets your location a bit off, which would seem like its no big deal, but because of that it neglects to mentions some bus scheduled. I could be literally a block off, and it won’t list a bus route that is actually right at the corner. So either its cut off its to extreme or there is something else going on. I have to change my location and try areas a block or two in different direction to get reliable data on a particular route. Rocket Man actually does better, but the interface is crap compared to this.

    • Guillaume Campagna

      I’m not sure why being a block off is a big deal. We show routes that are up to 1.5km around you so it will display the route you are looking for anyway.

    • Chrome262

      it doesn’t though. I catch the bus at victoria park and Gerrard. There is the 12 that goes on VP north and south. and the 135 on Gerrard east and west, if I am a block north on VP the Gerrard bus doesn’t show up on the listing. If I tell it I am on Gerrard and not on VP, it shows up. It even shows the street car 1km away, but not the 135 that is less then 50 meters away. I love the GUI on this thing, prefer it over other apps, but if it can’t tell me all the routes, especially if I am unfamiliar with an area, that is a big deal.

    • Chrome262

      sent an email through the app, with a screen shot, cant move with in the app when composing message so didn’t send altered location shot but have it.

  • Humberto Giambrone

    Don’t like it. Can’t search routes, no favourites sections. If you are particularly interested in TTC, Transit Now is miles better at the moment since it is specifically designed for TTC users.

    • Guillaume Campagna

      In the vast majority of the time, you really don’t need to search by routes. Using the current location will give you all you need. If that’s not the case, you can change location and we save the last locations you change, so it’s basically a favorite system.

  • Xaxxus

    Rocketman is the best transit app if you live in toronto. Period. Still waiting for it to come to android. Its on Blackberry 10 and iphone but not android…

    • Guillaume Campagna

      Did you try Transit? What is wrong with it?

    • Xaxxus

      Transit is good for trip planning. Rocketman is better for determining when and where busses are.

    • Chrome262

      I use both, but Transit is nice, Looks way better, and its getting better with each update. Its a bit faster then Rocket man, and it can work off line, so you can see scheduled of buses while you are on the subway.

  • Sierra

    pfft…. Nokia Transit / HERE transit is still waaay better

  • Alex

    the options and customization just isn’t there. Transit Now is way ahead. Instant uninstall.

    • Guillaume Campagna

      Can you be a little more specific? What kind options and customizations?

  • southerndinner

    Google Now and Google Maps are way more accessible and easier

    • Chrome262

      Not really the interface is exclusively for transit, so Transit does do a better job on that. As stated below, it does lack some data that Google has only because some cities chose not to share their data, and or only have done so with Google.

  • dracos

    GPS location must be on ? no thanks, why can;t I just select city I live in and go from there ? or am I missing something here

    • sam98

      Transit shows departure times for routes around you, as opposed to browsing an endless list of routes, then have you pick your direction and then the stop you’re interested in (which in 95% of the time is the stop that’s closest to you).

  • yadeed

    It gave me the bus, metro and train automatically but needs gps on. Interface could be better but does the job. Montreal.