LG planning to release an Android tablet this year

Last year LG decided to “put tablets on the back burner” as their Optimus Pad wasn’t cutting it. However, this year, probably due to the dramatic shift in design and better specs, LG seems to be prepping a valiant return. In an interview with Kim Wong, LG’s Mobile Vice President of the EU, said “The tablet market is currently fairly segmented, nevertheless we continue to invest in it.” The specs and details of the launch are still unknown, but the tablet will run a version of Google’s Android OS.

Finally, LG previously declared that they’d release a smartphone that has a flexible OLED screen sometime in Q4. However, Kim went against other LG execs and said there’ll be no flexible, bendable or plastic display on their phones this year, noting “the technology for this is not yet mature enough, so for now there is not.”

Source: AllAboutPhones
Via: AndroidAuthority