Update: Bell, Virgin, TELUS and Rogers HTC One users receiving “system enhancement” firmware update


  • Henry

    Looking forward to Rogers pushing the update, the button sensitivity is definitely an issue.

    • whnothere

      Rogers update is available now. Updated on my HTC One. 1.29.631.17

    • Henry

      Thanks for the tip it’s downloading now!

  • Rick

    Yep. Hopefully TMO will push this soon.

  • OMFCody

    The HTC logo can now be used for menu or multitasking if you hack it, and there’s an app in the market to use it as a home button alternitave as well if you’re not into hacking. I’m hoping HTC personally addresses this soon because I hate the onscreen menu button.

    • Lucky

      What’s the app called?

    • OMFCody

      Swipe Home Button by Matthew Ma. It’s currently 99 cents.

  • Peter Smith

    the just 2 buttons are not an issue, whether by design or part of the OS, when there is no menu button, a 3 dot menu option appears in apps that have menus. Nexus 7 and 4 work the same way. I just switched from an S3 and so far I love it.

  • ostaylor

    I have the developer edition (bought out of the US) which I am running on Koodo. I just checked and there is also an update available for this version. I love this phone! However, I have found that the capacitive buttons do lack sensitivity. Regardless, it has still been the best phone I have ever owned by a long shot and I tend to change phones every 6 to 12 months. Battery life is great, performance is awesome, camera is excellent and the build quality puts every other phone that I have ever used to shame.

  • ostaylor

    Version that I got after update is 1.29.1540.16. Capacitive buttons are definitely more sensitive.

  • Richard Morrison

    Just completed the update. (TELUS One) No noticeable difference for me. Might be slightly snappier, however that could simply be psychological. While this is truly the best device I have ever owned, I was still hoping this update would add the option to replace the 3-dot menu with long press back — as seen in some rooted mods. Alas, no dice. Surprised they did not as they had already offered a similar option/setting in the One X variants with their first updates (Granted there were more buttons). Perhaps this is simply a minor update and another major is still on the roadmap for this device.

    • Henry

      Exactly, why couldn’t the menu be a long press on the back button. Easy and it should have been that way from the start

    • d3v14n7

      Because the long press back button is what you would use when you want to close an app entirely (as opposed to just going back one page).

    • Henry

      Interesting because long pressing my back button does nothing

  • Ragin_Cagin

    With this update, the slight issues I was having with button sensitivity are now fixed. Also, on the weather widget, it now displays the actual city as opposed to “Current Location”. I haven’t noticed any increase in responsiveness as I found the device to be quite responsive already.

    Has anyone noticed any improvements with the camera?

  • Jake Radcliffe

    the HTC logo is not a button. I am a new Android user and the HTC One is my first phone and I love it. I agree, the button sensitivity was a small issue but this new firmware update has improved the issue drastically. love the interface and the complexion of the phone. fits great in your hand. hope you make the switch

  • Martin

    Buttons are more sensitive but i’m still having problems with google location services. Weather app, real estate app, coffee app, neither of them can locate me. Yes, all settings are turned on. I’ve reported the issue to HTC and this is a known issue. They’re working on a fix.

  • Andrew Kachaniwsky

    Its awesome with only two buttons. I wish other phones would get rid of the 3rd.

  • OMFCody

    My TELUS One has updated to 1.29.661.17. I wonder what the difference in 666 and 661 is about.

  • Stephen

    It took that long for a maintenance update, seeya in 6 months when an obsolete 4.2 hits!

  • Stephen

    What good would it do them? Unless Samsung gets a deal and the benefit of HTC bending over pre-lubed for Apple and their patent agreements, it would make no sense. HTC isn’t worth anything.

  • Jay

    Did update for Rogers,buttons are much more responsive. Still have Gps/location issues still. Whats up with that?

    • thatcrazyone

      i’ve had it since launch and my GPS works great…. you sure you don’t a an issue with your device?

  • Putt

    Okay this update brought performance and capactive button improvements but now when I open the app grid, it zooms into 4 large icons for a split second first before showing the normal view. Not a big deal but just weird.

    • Roger

      i’m also having this ‘minor annoyance’ after the update..

  • thatcrazyone

    device is much faster after the update and the buttons are 50x better!!! also my camera seems to focus faster?

  • John Weir

    There is a huge improvement in the sensitivity of the capacitive buttons . It was my only complaint so far

  • Navin

    m on TELUS and still using 1.29.661.17… no update available on my phone… Any suggestions ????