Nokia Music officially launches today in Canada, available on all Lumia devices

Nokia Music has actually been live in Canada for about a week now, ever since the entry-level Lumia 520 launched (available on Rogers, TELUS and Koodo for about $150 outright). This free music streaming service (carrier data charges applies) is available to all Lumia device owners and gives them the ability to access over 18 million songs without the need to sign up or subscribe, or receive a plethora of ads while you listen (online and offline). The service allows users to generate their own playlists, or listen to playlists that others have created, and is based on categories such as favorite music and artists.

If you want a bit more, Nokia Music+ will cost you an $3.99/month, but gives you unlimited songs skips on playlists, access to music from the web and uses high-quality audio on WiFi.

Download Nokia Music here from the Windows Phone Store