Android and iOS lead Q1 with 92.3% of all smartphone shipments, Windows Phone now in 3rd spot


  • iPlunks

    congrats to WP on this achievement. As a Nokia 920 owner its good to see your product do well… Where’s Mr.Devlin at? Talking his nonsense and how blackberry is currently dominates WP. Who’s the “Monkey now” racist d*ck. Now back to this…. WP and BlackBerry need to focus harder to take bigger % away from iOS and Android. Its all chess from.

    • Ian’s daddy

      What’s funnier is the charts show a very clear line as to who lost and who gained. WP took their share DIRECTLY from Blackberries. Poo hoo.

  • dsfdsf

    every quarter they say WP is going to take off but it never does

    • Sraf

      133% improvement in device sales since this time last year is hardly a poor figure

    • hoo dat

      133% of not very many is still not very many.

    • Sraf

      It’s still a good improvement. If they can keep that momentum up then it can turn into a rather big absolute number quite quickly

    • SilverChariot

      133% of some million is a good figure !!! When iOS came to market , market was not existent. When Android came to market, market was existent only with one other vendor iPhone thru a solo channel thats Apple. Now there is all vendors in the game. But when it comes to growth Windows Phone is almost double of Android 133%. However you spin it, you will look bad this time !!!

    • hoo dat

      I’m not attempting to look good or bad, and quite frankly I don’t give a toss about how people perceive my comments. The simple fact of the matter is that WP is not selling anywhere close to what was predicted nor what it is capable of and part of the problem is MS’s reliance on Nokia as their major vendor. Nokia is losing money hand over fist selling WP devices and there isn’t another major manufacturer who is willing to stand behind the OS, at least not in any meaningful way. Nokia has increased their sales dramatically YOY but when you’re losing money on most of the product you sell that’s not a particularly good thing to do. More sales of loss earning devices (low end) means bigger losses and that’s exactly what’s happening at Nokia. So the numbers may look “OK” but what’s going on behind the scenes is far more important. What is MS going to do with WP if/when Nokia goes belly up?

      As a side note, BlackBerry has only had 1 or 2 loss making quarters and are already back in the black. They make over 3 times more profit on a device than Nokia does and that includes the legacy devices. So, for every 1 device BlackBerry sells, Nokia has to sell 3 to earn the same profit.

    • SilverChariot

      Nobody gives a toss about such messages, we are all on same page there. It depends on what was your notion about predicted numbers. But by any standards, this number is very strong. Simply saying they didnt sell the predicted number is simply an effort for downplaying the success. Nokia is not losing money on Windows Phone, rather they are making money on Windows Phone. They sold 4.4 million WP handsets in 2012 Q4 and 5.6 million 2013 Q1. Q1 are weak quarter for device sales, but still there numbers are more than 2012 Q4. They are losing money more on lower end models, but even
      every quarter loss is getting narrower. So your theory that Nokia is going to burst is a wild imagination. Device Vendors standing behind a platform is not a creteria to measure the success. Since there are hundred vendors behind Android. Irony is Microsoft thru patent licencing makes more money than the original device vendor selling an Android device. Only Samsung was successful to make money thru

      Android. That too not because of Android, but because burning cash thru the roof to develop differentiation over Android. All other device vendors are simpling banking to make buck over Android, without much success. So why should Nokia go that route ? The major benefeciary for Windows Phone growth as of now will be Nokia, untill now. And its a profitable and sustainable business than Android.

      Every device Nokia may be making less money than Blackberry. But Blackberry sells very less number of phones than Nokia. And Nokia is too large compared to Blackberry. So basically loss or profit they make also will be large.

    • Ian’s daddy

      It’s still not only beating bbry, but gaining its share FROM them. Which in the case of this article and is all that matters.

    • Jed Hubic

      No. Every quarter some fan boy for Anroid or iOS claims that if it doesn’t do Galaxy or iPhone like sales and shipments, WP is a failure. Not true, but you can’t expect everyone to not be i****s.

  • Tyler

    I hope WP continues to gain ground. I love Nokia’s HERE Drive+ and Microsoft’s music subscription service. Windows Phone has such a beautiful and fluid OS. It does have a weak app store though, but I find the apps it does have are useful for everyday life.

    Since I made the switch from Android to Windows. I actually find myself using my Lumia 620 more than I did my Nexus S. (Music Subscription service played a big part in that).

    I wonder if the top 3 would be the same for the Canadian market.

  • NokiaDumpWindows

    Nokia should dump Windows and adopt Android. It would give Nokia the competitive advantage it needs in the market.

    • Keegan

      Please leave, or don’t be stupid on purpose.

    • TheShader

      Going to the ‘same platform as everyone else’ doesn’t give them a competitive advantage, it’s in fact the opposite of an advantage.

    • Day trader

      Not defending android one iota, but going to the crappiest platform with no apps and the most expensive 2 year old hardware doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either.

  • Rich

    Eh, makes sense considering carriers are basically giving away Windows phone.
    All in all, they can’t be too happy about the margins they’re pulling on the devices whereas Blackberry devices are a lot more carrier-friendly (hence more endorsements).

    • Eli_Vance

      Because carriers aren’t “giving away” Android phones as well? If it’s not Samsung, you can pretty much get an Android phone dirt cheap on contract a few months after release.

    • SilverChariot

      Actually i got a Android phone , somebody was try to scare a crow throwing it at the crow !!! Its not even a give away !!!!

  • hoo dat

    With every new product launch there is a period of adjustment as older platforms sell through and the newer ones gain traction. BlackBerry slipping a place or two while this happens shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The next 2 or 3 quarters should prove to be interesting as WP and BB battle it out but if I were Microsoft I’d be more concerned about the financial viability of my main vendor; Nokia. MS has no safety net to speak of if Nokia fails or introduces other platforms such as Android as they’ve suggested they may do in the future. HTC, Samsung and a couple of others have launched WPs in the past but no-one seems particularly enthused about it. Does anyone know if there are any new WP products coming from any manufacturers other than Nokia?

  • Eli_Vance

    I don’t get why Android fanboys are so insecure about other platforms and have to bash anything not by Google. Fandroids will always brag about marketshare or how many cores their phones have. We get it, and we don’t care.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Because Android is a better OS. So what better way to stroke your ego than to showboat to those that claim superiority?

    • skullan

      Subjective. To me Android may be more open, but that doesn’t make it better. I’d take QNX any day of the week.

    • Ian’s daddy

      QNX might be nice on paper being a RTOS, but it’s a terrible platform to turn into a mobile OS. Just look at how long it’s taken bbry to interface trivial things like an EMAIL app. Years.

  • D Mac

    Considering Blackberry launched part way though Q1 and WP still just barely beat them, this is quite bad news for WP.

    Also according to the article Android only sold 162 units in the whole quarter? And Apple only sold 37 iPhones? lol, might want to check those numbers guys.

    • skullan

      In all fairness, it’s competing against both old and new versions of BB. Not just BB10.

    • Ian’s daddy

      Don’t tell bb trolls that. They might cry.

    • D Mac

      Oh of course. My point was simply that sales of legacy BB devices slowed drastically over the last year, but Especially in Q1 (because of the impending BB10 launch), so legacy devices obviously drastically declined & BB10 devices only launched towards the end of the quarter and WP Still barely beat them? This looks very bad for WP.

    • skullan

      Yes, you’re correct, people would slow down purchasing legacy devices. That’s a solid point about why this quarter’s results would be lower than last year at this time.