SpeakOut Wireless scrapping $10 Unlimited Browsing Add-On, opting for “SpeakOut Data”

MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) 7-Eleven SpeakOut Wireless hooks onto Rogers GSM network. They offer low cost prepaid devices and plans. It’s unclear how many people have a device with them, but effective June 30th they’ll be shedding their popular $10 Unlimited Browsing Add-On and putting into place “SpeakOut Data.” No further details are listed as to when this will be implemented, probably on July 1st, nor at what cost. SpeakOut did take to Facebook and say that “Data will do everything the current Browsing feature can do, and more (and quicker!).” So perhaps they’ll get some entry-level 4G HSPA+ devices, or maybe go blazing fast with LTE-enabled.

We’ll have more info soon.

Source: SpeakOut
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(Thanks Nelson!)