Microsoft releases Facebook beta app for Windows Phone with Timeline support, high-resolution images and post sharing


  • Plazmic Flame

    But yet… I still can’t add photos to my contacts through

  • LarsFromMars

    Facebook for Android works on devices from mid-2010 (Froyo)
    Facebook for iOS works on devices from June 2009 (3GS w/ iOS5)
    Facebook for WP only works on WP8 devices barely 7 months old. It cannot work on the flagship Lumia 900 that you bought less than a year ago.

    That is shameful fragmentation. Especially considering that Microsoft has an ownership stake in Facebook!

    • Entegy

      Facebook integration and normal Facebook app work on WP7…

  • TallePeja


  • suwarjo

    Facebook wants to attract users apple gadget too.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    good to know they are improving the phone version of the app. Sadly no news on the “metro” version for windows 8 PC users