Update: Nexus 4 arrives online at Koodo for $400


  • JP

    Since when does the Nexus 4 have a MicroSD slot, I think it’s a typo on the website.

  • Stephie

    I’m Pretty sure the nexus 4 doesn’t take any microSD cards?

  • Lazed

    “This is the 16GB version, but can hold up to 64GB with a microSD card.”

    No it can’t, the Nexus doesn’t have expandable storage.

  • canucksfan

    Nexus 4 supports microSD cards now!?? Since when??

  • Len

    Does it actually have a microSD card slot? Because if it does, this would be different than every other Nexus 4 sold on the planet.

  • mikecousins

    It doesn’t have a microSD slot.

  • Ray c

    Nexus 4 has expansion now? Since when

  • Thomas Ramsay

    The Nexus 4 does not have a microSD slot, Koodo you failed

  • reppact

    “This is the 16GB version, but can hold up to 64GB with a microSD card.” Huh? The memory isn’t expandable? Gotta be a typo.

  • Sam Wiggans

    Enough comments about the SD card? Jeeze.

  • Bruce White

    Why buy from Koodo when you can get an unlocked version for less directly from Google?

    • Darryl Friesen

      Convenience maybe. It’s only $40 more than the Play price ($359) and you could have it in your hands and working same day. Might be worth it for some people.

    • Zed

      taxes go in for both the 359 and 400, but shipping is still valid. difference is minimal though

    • o_zzy

      Less money upfront

    • barrist

      Perhaps you’ve been thinking of switchin to Koodo and putting this on the tab would bring it to $250

    • Philosoraptor

      When I bought the N4 from the Play store, it came to about $427 after taxes and shipping. After taxes, Koodo’s N4 is $452. Not a big difference, and the ability to go to a store for any warranty issues is a big plus for me at least.

  • Lorne Van Kessel

    Is this LTE ?

    • Zed

      LTE has been most likely disabled by the newest update, and was a battery hog anyway.

  • RIP Steve J

    The Nexus 4 has:
    -An SD Card slot
    -Removable battery
    -LTE/AWS bands
    -A 2nd and 3rd SD Card slot
    Do some reading people or watch the 2007 iphone keynote. Only the iphone of 2007 was a revolutionary breakthrough device.

  • joseph ouellet

    i owned a n4 16,n it`s dosen`t have a microSD card slot.

  • James

    You are unable to just buy the device, you need to go through the credit check and select a plan.

    • Adam

      you can buy the device outright at any koodo kiosk

  • mad

    No whoever posted that s**t above was just trolling.. It is not LTE and does not have a microSD slot.. I own a Nexus 4 16gb.. and 16 gb is all you get.

  • Word

    Telus is releasing this unlocked out of the box, therefore Koodo should be the same, just an FYI for anyone considering this.

  • Stuart

    Does Koodo still have the used phone trade in- I understood it was a min of 50$ in value…could this be applied to the after Tab price to bring cost down to 200$ ?

    • Pantone

      The 50$ min trade in was a March promo. There is still a trade in program available but the rates change daily as per what the reps in kiosk told me and Ive never had an issue with this kiosk at all, plus a buddy of mine works there.

  • Pantone

    All NEXUS series are unlocked….and the S4 has 64GB expandable, probably just a typo on their website….let me guess though, no one on this forum ever makes a mistake…

  • Matt Wilson

    Nah. No thanks. I’m holding out for the new SAMSUNG GALAXY S4. And I’ve saved up a possitive tab that I’ve been saving up. Just to get the new galaxy S4. Nothing beats this phone. I have currently the S3 and right now this is the best phone in the market. When S4 comes this will be the next best phone in the world. Nothing beats Samsung period.