Nexus 4 and BlackBerry Q10 coming soon to Koodo Mobile


  • howitzerr

    All nexus are factory unlocked and carriers have subsidies

  • howitzerr

    All nexus are factory unlocked and carriers have subsidies

  • howitzerr

    All nexus are factory unlocked and carriers have subsidies

  • howitzerr

    All nexus are factory unlocked and carriers have subsidies

  • acb87

    the play store is cheaper but, all carriers jack up the price for the nexus 4. with all items some place will sell it cheaper then others ; you just gotta search. its not the retailers job to price compare for you.

  • acb87

    plus eco tax in Ontario , which is a random $ the retailer makes up

    • Sam Wiggans

      It’s to recycle old products.

  • acb87

    is it? shipping , plus you can walk to any koodoo for help. there is a price for convenience

    • TP

      What kind of help? If defective, Google will replace without a question. Software-related issue, searching online is much faster and gives more answers than walking to a koodo shop.

  • Phox

    Virgins warranty is a joke… Im not waiting for a replacement phone to come in the mail (takes 1-2 weeks at arrive) while my phone doesn’t work… Joke of a carrier, ide rather get it direct from Google or from koodo…

  • TechTinker11

    Which would I rather use, probably Nexus 4. Which is probably more productive, Blackberry Q10.

  • Ryan Ewen

    Google is awesome to deal with for warranty. They’ll send you a new device before you even send in the broken one. No one does that!

    • Cyler

      Except for Apple. Of course, you have to spend an extra $100 on their Applecare.

  • Henry0623

    Loooks like every canadian carrier is getting the Q10. Which is good for BlackBerry! I thought Fido wouldn’t get the Q10 cause they barely get any new phones so I got the Z10): but still love my Z10

  • kroms

    I’m more confused as to who in there SANE mind would EVER buy a

    Q10 , better still a Q10 costing MORE then a Nexus 4 ????

    Are people out of there minds ? The Nexus 4 BLOWS away Q10 and the Z10. Just try it and you will see for your self.

    • bigshynepo

      I don’t think you’ve ever owned a blackberry before. I’ve heard the build quality of the Q10 is excellent and I am eager to give one a demo. It’s worth giving a Canadian company a fair shake especially given their heritage.
      What unique thing does the nexus bring to the table? Besides a forgettable design and specs.

    • TP

      Nexus 4: $424.88 including shipping + tax
      Q10:789.87 including tax based on $699 price quoted from other carriers.

      Difference = 364.99, which can buy an extra 8GB Nexus 4 or 32GB wifi/3g Nexus 7.

      At this price difference, Q10 better be excellent and more than a play toy.

      I don’t blindly want to support a Canadian company when they try to sell me a $789.87 phone.

    • kroms

      Ive used BB’s before. They are a smartphone like others but not anywhere NEAR as capable as the ones out today. The Z10 is there 1st true smartphone.

      Oh and before you put down the specs of the Nexus 4 do your research. The Z10 has the EXACT same specs as the Nexus 4. What Unique thing does the Q10 bring to table besides sub par specs (compared to Nexus 4 and Z10) and a design that has been done OVER and OVER for years.

      Your just silly and upset. I understand.

    • bigshynepo

      “What Unique thing does the Q10 bring to table”

      -A unique OS that brings the security of Blackberry, the apps of android, plus unique features like timeshift and hub, not to mention BBM Voice & Video.

      -A Keyboard?! This is where I go from proving you wrong to making you look like an i***t. Were you planning on ignoring the fact that this is a Flagship QWERTY phone? Something no one wants to take a shot a making? Keyboards made BlackBerry the most popular phone in that world not so long ago.

      -The Q10 has a higher PPI

      -The Q10 has a removable battery

      -The Q10 has expandable storage plus 16GB onboard.

      -The Q10 has a higher megapixel front camera for video conferencing, something men use, something boys would disregard.

      -Dual Core A9 (Q10) vs Quad core Krait (N4) = negligible performance difference

      -The Q10’s Browser blows away the stock android browser in speed tests.

      Next time, try researching before opening your mouth.

    • skullan

      Because sometimes, people just want more than a play toy.

  • monsterduc1000

    It is the 16gb

    • EvanKrosney

      Then go for it, that’s an exceptional deal.