Leaked ‘HTC First’ Render Points To Facebook’s Home


In what could be a very big spoiler or a great spoof, trustworthy Twitter account @evleaks posted a render of the ‘HTC First’, a plain-looking smartphone with a few signs of Facebook integration. While there are no obvious marks to indicate the social network’s branding, the phone’s colour scheme and rounded home button point to possible integration with Facebook Home, the name of the launcher expected to be bundled with the HTC-made device.

The device shares few design traits with HTC’s recent handsets with its rounded corners and left-side volume rocker, but this render is unlikely to resemble the finished product. Then again, ‘HTC First’ sounds like a fishy name to begin with, so we’ll take the leak with a grain or two of salt.

What do you think? Could the HTC First be the Facebook phone everyone has been waiting for?

Source: @evleaks