“Note To Self” is the new DashClock as developers clamber to add functionality

Screenshot_2013-03-27-11-18-58 Screenshot_2013-03-27-11-18-42

In the past few days, ever since Google released its note-taking app, Keep, developers have been clambering to get into the “Note To Self” game. What exactly is this game? Well, Keep introduced a feature whereby you can quickly jot down a voice note by hitting the microphone icon in Google Search/Google Now and speaking, “Note to self [content].”

While the functionality has always been available on Android 4.0+ devices and the Gmail app, Keep actually makes the functionality useful. Since then, Evernote, Catch Notes and Notif Pro have all used the API for their own nefarious purposes. If you have any of these apps installed, once the note is complete it will ask you which app you’d like to save it to.

Like in Keep, they will be saved with a title gleaned from the body of the note, along with the voice note itself, which can be played back at will. This rush of developers to bring “Note To Self” funtionality to their Android apps reminds us of the recent trend to integrate DashClock extension support into many popular programs.

Via: Android Police